Hello world!

Well hello world indeed.

This is a personal blog, but I hope reflective and of some value to other people. I’ve always liked looking through other people’s home pages seeing what they’re about and where they’re coming from – it’s a form of sharing which I appreciate. I certainly believe in the internet as a form of community, because it’s played a great part in me finding some of my communities. I’ll say a little about myself for starters, and no doubt some other ramblings will follow on in time.

My name’s Mo and I’m a 50 year old gay man living in London UK with my husband Phil. We don’t have “gay marriage” in this country, but we have civil partnerships with comprehensive legislation that makes CPs very parallel to civil marriage. My husband is from the USA and we have three children in the USA from Phil’s previous marriage.

We’re both “bears” (in terms of the gay community) and we’re both Pagan spiritually, Witchcraft being our religion, and our eldest daughter is also Pagan.  We’re both interested in healing, Phil having trained in hypnotherapy while I do Reiki energy work.

Me and Phil met each other online 4 1/2 years ago, and handfasted ourselves to each other in Nevada the following July. We’ve been legally “married” for almost 3 years. My life has been transformed by finding my husband and gaining family, and I’m very happy about that to say the least!

Best wishes




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