Farewell, dear Yak

The other day I learnt of some very sad news. We go to some Pagan community festivals in London called the Beltane Bash, and the Halloween Bash. These are wonderful festivals run by a Witch called Jeanette Ellis. Amongst the things you can find are a number of readers of cards, runes etc, and one of the best of these was a man called variously Richard, Sigve and Yak. On Saturday I learnt that Sigve has died, having been found in his crashed car in Cornwall. That really took the wind out of my sails.

Sigve (Richard Ellender) was a big man with a bushy white beard and long hair, always wearing his light coloured robes. You’d find him at the Bashes with people queuing up to get readings, or talking amiably to people outside, having a smoke. I went to him many times for readings, and he was always kind and generous in his guidance and help. He was also a wonderful story teller, and could hold a room in a spell that turned a coldly lit space into the circle of a camp fire at night.

When I introduced my husband to him at one of the Bashes he was completely welcoming, and told us that if we wanted a handfasting we just had to ask him. We never did as it happens, but it’s another thing I won’t forget about Sigve.

His readings helped me on my path and gave the kind of support that only a good heart and an open awareness can. Richard could see you, and he always saw with compassion, kindness and strength. Through his readings he was an understanding and wise friend, and he had the greatness of heart to be that to many of us who knew him this way, and loved him for what we knew of the man that he was.

Farewell dear Yak. May you have many blessings.





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