Marion Weinstein 1939 – 2009

Sadly learnt a few days ago that Marion Weinstein had died. Marion was a Witch who wrote a number of books, some of which influenced me greatly, and gave me a lot of help and support over the years. I liked Marion’s work, and still think it’s very helpful to someone working out magic as an ethical and spiritual practice, and she was a delightful character. She was kooky and funny and flip, and light heartedly entirely serious about her religion and practice. And there was plenty of perceptive subtlety in her work for anyone that wanted to take the time to follow her thought.

Margot Adler (author of “Drawing Down the Moon”) writes:

“Marion Weinstein, a New York comedienne, witch, author and a totally unique individual died in July 2009. In the 1960’s she originated a very funny radio show, Marion’s Cauldron. Even in her elder years, she continued to combine politics, witchcraft and comedy in a unique way. Many of her rituals can be found on YouTube, and some of them are wildly funny and poignant. Her odd and somewhat squeaky voice, as well as the way she presented herself, made many people think she was simple and not smart. But Positive Magic is beautifully written and quite brilliant. She was always much deeper and more savvy than many in the world gave her credit for… ”

I couldn’t agree more, she was a gem, and a really unique and valuable character on the Pagan and Witchcraft scene. She was honest, funny, and she just did her thing. I loved her, and I’ll sure miss her.

Marion laid out her beliefs simply, and had a real belief in Witchcraft as a positive way of serving our local and global communities. She’ll be remembered by a lot of people for her book “Positive Magic”, and was a great advocate of ethical, inner directed spirituality. She’ll sure be missed, but her legacy will I think be as sane, helpful and benevolent as ever.

Blessed be Marion. Keep on cracking the jokes :0)

Marion – about a year ago



  1. Mo,

    I knew she had been ill but was not aware of her passing. I found Positive Magic in a pile of my books not long ago, and haven’t read it in probably 15 years. You are right it was quite a gem of a book. I remember seeing a video tape of her doing stand up comedy many years ago as well.


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