a glorious alchemy

I found out about this band last week, in a typically round about way for me, through a photo of their singer Damian Abraham on a bear blog. Damian is a wonderful looking (straight) bear for sure, and he’s sure generous in shedding clothing during shows (and that is glorious in a man like him), but it wasn’t just that came through the photos and vids of the band that I found. Aside from amazingly powerful music, and an irresistible vocal roar, the melding of audience and band (and especially singer) was the kind of delightfully generous revelation that is guaranteed to restore my faith in a part of life I’d forgotten was there. And looking through interviews and other footage, it really shines  through what a kind and intelligent guy Damian is. I can’t watch this man’s performance without feeling someone give from deep within themselves. Wow. He just seems to do it with all of himself, really honestly and with an awful lot of heart.

I’ve very quickly come to love this band because of what I’m seeing them do, and the good humoured, whole hearted spirit they do it with. It looks rough and loud, but what I see is love and poetry, and a humanity. Their music is extraordinary, and the way they do stuff is very unique and genuine. So thank you Pink Eyes, and thank you Fucked Up.

Here’s to the good warm stuff.


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