Magic, time and space

I could never quite jive with the idea of magic as an energy driven thing that you wilfully did to the world, couched in near ballistic metaphors. These were the metaphors of an old age, practically an industrial age – hydraulic, force driven, a kind of subtle mechanics in which magic impacted our world and changed it. You still find people looking for “powerful”, “heavy” magic, and I have to say take it easy, take some time out, think about this. The paradigm that I’ve seen emerging is one based not on force but on intelligence and continuity of being. Communication, dialogue, response, adaptation and change, holisms, consciousness. Of course this has been implicit in magic all along , but it seems to be more easily recognisable nowadays by more people. We’re losing our superstition and some of our clunkiness.

Another thing that I’ve seen over the years is that while we always think of the past pushing the present into the future, the present is also pulled by the future into its own evolving development. And there are influences which it is difficult to even talk of as being within time. And where space is concerned, in magic (and healing) it can be and often is completely immaterial.

It’s clear that there are many possible and potential futures, and we have choices. When we’re free to do so, we chose the futures that we want. That’s another reason why its important to have that “anything is possible” space, and to let go of our bindings to “how things have always been”. Through our magic we “talk” to the future attractor that we see and come into relationship with, and through this relationship we bring that future nearer to probability, to manifestation. Magic changes the world and changes us. Magic is the world changing. This is why choice and intention are so important in magic, and in life. It’s also why we need to experience the free space of the heart, where we can truly relate from and in, losing neither our subjective embodiment nor our essential Reality. It’s gotta have heart ;0)

A Witch is just one way of being consciously alive. Magic only makes sense in terms of a free and unfettered understanding of being.

It’s a great joke when you get it :0)


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