Intention, Higher Self and Full Moon

I’m reminded at Full Moon that this is a time for focussing on clear intention. I realized years ago that intention was a key to “coping” with the Full Moon (I say this as that was often a hard time to get through for me), that positive intention at the time of the Full Moon could and did transform a day.

Intention is certainly one of the keys of magic. I was taught that will and imagination were the cornerstones of this discipline when I was younger, but I do find “intention” more nuanced as a term than “will”, which can give us erroneous images of determined concentration, Nietzschean supermen, and a kind of straining for something, which is so far from the reality of will. Will it is, but intention describes the actual process more clearly for me with less baggage. Intention (and will) is light and subtle, and therein lies its immense power. Intention is possible with choice and awareness, awareness is its quality and choice is its pure action. It does not need resistance or force to manifest, only choice and awareness. The lightness and simplicity of its process is its key.

The Full Moon is also a time that many Witches make a special connection with their gods and goddesses, with Deity. The Full Moon is also understood as a time when the “psychic gates” are open to the Astral realm, and so this process can be facilitated. The Full Moon can be both beautiful and difficult for people, and I believe in part this is due to the opening of this gate, for the Astral can be both like a mirror for our mental and emotional states, and a conduit for the Higher and greater Wholeness, according to our work and intention. The energy at Full Moon in circle is deeply meditative and peaceful I find, yet a very high level of energy which seems to be asking to be used for work. I believe this is a time when we have a special opportunity to have connection and oneness with our Higher Self, our sacred, luminous Self. According to our work, and our clarity and purity of intention, we may have this communion with the Divine, and manifest this quality of luminous connectedness.

photo credit Kabir Bakie – image under creative commons license


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