my kind of religion

A religion of love, a religion of peace, a religion of healing, a religion of sensuality, a religion of heart, a religion of equality, a religion of Nature, a religion of the home, a religion of soul, a religion without dogmas.

I used to be very into “the search”, and into studying the teachings of “spiritual masters”, into the drama of the journey and the crisis, and the definitive “enlightenment”. I’m not so impressed or bothered any more, probably because I found out what was really important to me, and how much was either unnecessary, or led somewhere that wasn’t right for me. It is of course different strokes for different folks though.

I learnt a lot from Heathenry, and still have Heathen friends. Good people with a practical, caring religion in my experience. I was a Witch at heart though, and that’s how I practice.

I was happy when Paganism and Witchcraft went popular and community oriented, something for everybody should they so choose. Many turned their noses up at this “new age Paganism”, but not me. They had principles and good will, and they wanted a better world for everybody, and they were a breath of fresh air.

Now I’m happy with a household religion, and with simplicity. It just happens to be a magical household of two husbands, two Witches.

May the God and Goddess, or however you know the sacred, or what reminds you of value and meaning, bless you with the love and understanding of what you truly want, whatever it is.


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