Ancestors, descendants and the beauty of Life

We had quite a fine Halloween – Phil scripted a ritual and we called upon ancestors, both those that might be related to us by blood, and those that are now “with the ancestors” in the sense of having passed on, people we knew or who touched our lives. I think we are all related in any case. I made some incense, Phil baked a cake, and we dug out a black candle and Phil’s black mirror for the occasion.

It was a good ritual, with both humour and beauty, and I was left feeling warm and strengthened, centred and valued. We did indeed have some contacts come, and very loving it was too.

The next morning the leaves were falling from trees like rain, and there was a thick, rich Earth energy flowing. Yet I started to become depressed over the next 24 hours. I felt bereft somehow. I really wasn’t used to that sense of being loved by those who had gone before. Through various experiences I have come to know their love, but my family was always very enclosed and fragmented, both my parents having been uprooted in their own ways. The love and strength in the ritual was amazing (almost perplexing, tellingly enough), but my family had been largely separated from the physical reality of that love by worldly circumstance. Add to that the experience of our children being 5,000 miles away with little that we can do, and there is a real sense of grief for what never seemed possible.

Finally the depression lifted, and it lifted with a phrase that came to me: “where there are no ancestors and no children, beauty and love arise to fill their place”. Indeed beauty and love is their essence, and I think that is what I was being told. The realm of Venus, Freya, Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite.

Those that find themselves apparently bereft in this sense are never truly so, where there is love and beauty in a form the heart can understand. Love is the power that gives us ancestors and children, and makes us their ancestors and children. This is the world that the God and Goddess bring us into, and it is for us to fill it with love, and find their love in. If we do that, then we are of the family of love.

My husband is my life, my beginning and end, and my world. Love is the source, and love is All.

From love comes all, and in love all is fulfilled, and all have their being.

Be whole, and blessed be.

Image credit: Manfred Heyde


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