lay down your arms, for real

Have you ever spent time listening to someone, knowing that what they said had valid points, real issues and grievances, of social relevance, but you just had to let it go because of the persistent sound of axe grinding in the background?

I’ve come across that so many times. I used to listen, and feel kinda cowed before its demands, but I came to realize after a while that all was not what it seemed. You can intellectualize anger and blame and disguised revenge, but you can’t change it that way, and neither can you express concerns and information well. People ultimately know what they’re being dished up, and the bottom line is it’s their free will whether they eat or send it back. That’s the good part.

It’s really not so bad when it’s an emotional outburst, everyone understands that. But when it gets to be ideology, idea systems that justify and perpetuate anger and demonization, then it gets cold and calculated and heartless. Idea systems that justify love, peace and seeing that we are each other, now that would be something.

We used to have this saying: “the personal is political”. I now add “and that’s the problem”.  No one likes politicians, no one trusts politicians, because everyone actually knows that it’s a carnival. We have to humanize that carnival, because it’s meant to be doing something good and useful and humane. Humanize the carnival, rather than carnivalize our lives.

It really seems to me like righteousness keeps the world stuck the same old way, but I do believe we can change the way we change the world.

photo credit – RJ Paap – in public domain



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