how long has this been going on?

Forever. Surely forever. Centuries, millennia, forever. Finding, losing, rediscovering, the technology of love.

Not as in the “baby, baby I love you” song. Love as in who you really are, what everything really is, the whole, whole, whole already done deal.

Technology not as in “build me a wheel, a printing press, a bazooka, a synthetic astral plane”. Inner technology to understand and free our remembering self. How all this is only the way of one thing.

Been going on forever, and it always only just happened too.

I think this is really the mysteries. Doesn’t matter if they are termed Pagan or Christian or Buddhist or Sufic, ancient or modern. I can’t think of anything more fundamental, or welcome, or astonishingly liberating, than the unsuspected truth.

This is a radical simplicity disguised by the nakedness of its subtlety, and its closeness to us beyond intimacy.

"Medieval Gate in Tayac" by Semhur - used under creative commons license


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