putting the butt in Spring

Hey folks, it’s Spring! At least in the Northern Hemisphere it is, which is where I live, so Southern friends please bear with me.

I’m feeling pretty damn good, but there has been a lot of crap flying around the news. In addition to the ongoing, appalling condition of American politics with endless, irrational ignorance spewed by the likes of Santorum and Romney, and what has rightly been called a “war on women” as the “religious right” try to claw their way into that nations wombs (on this showing I suspect that their other obsession with gay marriage is actually an obsession with anal sex but they just can’t say it), the UK government has just passed a bill which poses the biggest threat to universal healthcare since it’s establishment with the NHS in 1948.

Meanwhile, established, mainstream religions of various stripes (Catholic, Church of England, some forms of Judaism, Sikhism and mainstream Islam) have continued to oppose plans for civil marriage equality in the UK, and continue to make loud and supposedly relevant pronouncements about how granting LGBT people marriage rights threaten our society or marriage itself,  or are unnecessary and unjustified (for whom?!).

Sometimes these pronouncements have made reference to polygamy, incest and bestiality. Because ya know, when we’re not fucking our brothers and fathers there’s nothing we like better than marrying an entire herd of livestock. One can only wonder what is going on in the religious subconscious, if that is what they seriously think freedom would do to them.

In all cases these are religious opinions speaking as if they were the arbiters of secular law and social forms. So I must conclude that these people, when they are not negatively acting out their obsession with unexploited wombs and anal sex, are actually terrified by secularism, and the simple fact that they are neither relevant nor needed here. The reason these people sound like they are speaking from the Middle Ages is because that is their comfort zone. But let’s not pretend that they can’t create their own little worlds, for they have done so in modern times. It seems irrelevance can extract terrible revenges, and that should not be forgotten.

Which brings me back to the point of my post. By all means be angry at these attacks on healthcare, women’s reproductive rights and marriage equality, but don’t be disheartened, don’t be afraid, don’t be discouraged.

For me right now it’s good to remember that the Spring Equinox is in Aries, and it’s not just about balance of night and day (yadda yadda) but about pushing forward with the life we want and dream of, and that sometimes involves a fight, and some butting with those ram’s horns. As Summer starts to put its foot down on the accelerator, we can decide what we want.

And those religious opinions can kiss my ass (as it’s on their minds so much).

image by 4028mdk09 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)


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