letting go into simplicity

We recently moved and are really happy with where we are, for the first time in a long time. Everything has fallen into place, and whatever the learning curve was, the wave has broken and we are home in our blessed lagoon, with the help of our gods.

I’d also describe it as like a village for us, though we are very near the Isle of Dogs. There is so much good earth energy here, and our plants are loving it, and so are we! What a relief.

It feels as if an entire phase of our life is over and a new one beginning. I think I could describe this arrival and homecoming as something of a holotropic experience, and as with other such experiences I’ve had, there is a sense of drawing the essence of different parts of my life together from distant times, and flowing together and re-enlivening with a great freshness and innocence throughout it all.

One of the first things I did here was reread two books that I last read about 40 years ago as a teenager: The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomrath by Alan Garner. These were books which flooded my consciousness when I first read them, with the purest sense of an “Old Magic”, and of a sense of Paganism more poetic, actual, and subtle than that which I subsequently lost in the beaten path of a subculture.

The flood continued to inundate and irrigate, and I found old voices and pictures coming back and shining, of Richard Gardner (a largely forgotten one off esotericist) and his muse the artist and proto-Green Tammo de Jongh. Innocence had already dissolved the conditions of false struggle, and a magical world of life and love is where we are.

As we went round our new home town it felt like a world from an earlier time, a seaside town where the magic did indeed live, in an entirely understated, English way. This is the only place to live, the perennial time of the eternal present.

In pure locality and the timelessness of home, the magic has always lived. And as Richard used to say, you could realize it all by just understanding the weather, if you could just see it directly. See it like a child.

And that’s who I am, and what life really is.

circle of the 12 channels of consciousness painted by Tammo de Jongh, from “The Purpose of Love” by Richard Gardner



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  2. Thank Creator and all of the generous gods and godesses that you have been rewarded for all that the two of you have had to endure these past few years. May you both grow and thrive as are your plants in this energy filled environmental niche you have found.

    Blessings in The Light, Jim

    • thanks Jim, your heartfelt wishes are much appreciated :0) This feels like the ending and beginning of a number of cycles all on top of each other, and a lot of journeys all flowing into one peaceful part of the river, and that’s where we choose to live. It is a blessing and we are very grateful for it. Love and hugs to you and Teddy.

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