dream life

Sticking to one world, and trying to change it from the same world, is an ever decreasing return of change. Not knowing that there are other worlds leads many to not make any real sense of their lives. It keeps the spell unbroken.

But we don’t have just one world, one kind of person. We have very different people, different natures and visions, but the dominant “spell” keeps that hidden, even feared.

Many people get marginalized, get used to “just not possible”, and quite a few go mad. Really, wastefully insane.

Not only do people suffer, but the world we collectively create is unbalanced and damages our environment and our fellow beings. If we have a role in the greater cosmos, then we fail that too. It’s a lose-lose situation, but it has got defined as a condition of “success”.

What I now remember more clearly than for a long time, is that there really are different worlds, not just different kinds of people trying to fit into one world. The dreamer, the poet, the lover, the troubadour, the maker of magic, they are sung to by a different song, and they see a different world with different “laws”, different ways, different dimensions. And these are not the only worlds.

I love people who dream, and dream inordinately, extravagantly, and drench the world in luminous expectations and possibilities, who know that in the heart anything is possible, and that that is the real necessity. I love these people and the pleasurable, exuberant courage and clarity they bring. And I love the geeks too, for knowing that what interests them is of immense importance, irrespective of  what the world might or might not think.

We seem to now have inherited a world where meaning is taboo and conformity is king (even in hipster clothing), corporate is the new Reich, and professionalism the trojan horse for a vandalizing of the soul. Education has gone from imperfect and lopsided idealism to a utilitarian preparation for labour. We don’t talk about caring for the disabled, we talk about getting them working (without asking about the nature of “work” in a word of drones and barons). We seek to regulate and discredit fortune tellers, but not arms dealers. We’re more scared of real life nakedness than we are of the melting ice caps. We charge someone for possession of human cat nip, but we reward bankers for possession (and loss) of ill gained fortunes. Money and goods have become our moral good. Success has become a matter of profit, fame, and playing by skewed rules.

Our human world has been driven by a fire which should lead to individuality, creativity and consciousness, but it has fallen under bad magic, an anti-magic of conformist use, exploitation, bullying, domination and callousness. It has become the madness that tries to lock up all that is not like it, and calls that madness, and itself the only sanity.

But the consciousness of  dreamers, and poets, and lovers is a magic broad, deep, fresh and wet. A fountain, a well, a lake, an ocean, a rain storm. It can wash away conformity, wash away credibility, wash away what you’ve been told.

There used to be this saying “the revolution will not be televised”. But revolution is not really nature’s way, and not the dreamers way either. Mutation, yes, just a little at a time at a tiny scale. Breakthroughs that are the result of long, invisible growth, yes. Change, yes. But overwhelmingly I’d say the flood gates open by an unfoldment, by inner truth, by peace, and thereby the sudden dispelling of illusions, to let people see with their own eyes, how much is not necessary, and how much is not to be feared, and how much there is to love.

People need to be aware that there are miraculous realities that they live amongst and as a part of. That is as important as food and air. That is the reality of life.

It takes courage to walk out on bad magic and choose to live by intuition, creativity and love, but every little counts. Every person, every dream, every space of peace, every moment of magic, every vision of a greater reality.

We think we’re small, and we are, but our world is immense. Like the tarot card associated with the element of water, “the hanged man”, reality is upside down to the world of false appearances. The real news is good.

Tune in, turn on, walk out. Then make the world you want in every pleasurable and peaceful way you can.

the twelfth tarot trump “The Hanged Man”, from the Jean Dodal tarot – associated with inner truth, and the element of water. Image in public domain.



  1. In our world of corporate greed and social aggression the worlds of dreams, individual and group creativity, even fantasy and illusion are more vital than ever. The Romantics understood that as did all the major creative movements in history I suppose.

    Yet again, a riveting and inspiring post, bro

    Hugs and love

    Jemmy x

    • thanks Jemmy, yes I agree fantasy and art are really important – beauty, another window on the world, incubating ideals and personal dreams, feeding the spirit and soul. I feel drawn to look for clues from the past actually, on the basis of feeling, tone, atmosphere, as well as what people were reaching for, envisioning, and exploring.

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