wheeling worlds and pirate havens

Continuing some reflections from Tammo de Jongh‘s work (and I have to acknowledge the great conversations with Jemmy here), I keep returning to the realization that there are many different worlds which we experience and can tune into through the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The trigger here for me is something which breaks through the sense that consciousness is something stuck in your head, because when we actually experience a different state, we see and connect with a whole world through it. That would be the crux of it, beyond intellectualizing consciousness in the way which is so typical of our culture, and seeing that there are worlds out there. Of course we are trained to think that there is just one real world out there, but it’s actually a real multi-world beyond our preconceptions. We can’t get away from the subjectivity and interrelationship, even when we are striving to be externally objective. When we think there is just one real world it’s because one channel of consciousness has become dominant in the world we live in. 

The corollary of such a domination is that there is just one kind of consciousness, and one kind of person (or limited range of people) that gets accorded validity. The rest must try and find a niche somewhere, or learn conformity and suppression of their deeper perceptions and sensibilities. A lot of people learn to view themselves as some kind of failure, become alienated from themselves, and loose the faith they once had in life, if only in glimpses.

But that “failure” is actually a clue to our greater wholeness. That some people actually cannot fit, however hard they try, finally at the end of day, is a blessing. That’s why we love heretics and outsiders, and the creativity they bring to bear on the job we all face of living with both ourselves and the world. Though being such an outlander is not the point of multifaceted reality (quite the opposite in fact), such an arising of individuality is pretty awesome when it is in its own rhythm and flow. The “fuck it” principle is pretty unavoidable here I think, in getting past the dogma of a one-channel world. You know – you can’t do that, can’t be that, because you’ll lose, be alone, poor, excommunicated, ugly, laughable, dangerous, suspect, unwanted, unemployable, have your kids taken away, be unhealthy, non-credible, fat, stupid, mad, not like us, and die.

Fuck it.

When you realize that the world is not just one way, though it gets presented that way in the interests of conformity and consensus, then your position and your assumptions about yourself and everybody’s place become open to a great exercising of imagination, and alternative intention. Life becomes palpably magical in its inherent potential, because it actually already is.

Of course this is only heresy to the one-track world, because these “heresies” are the greater whole, while the one-and-only reality is an artificially maintained island. So I wouldn’t play the heretic tag too much. Just think of it as a beautiful kind of piracy. Think of it as a recreation of culture.

It should actually be play, the great game, the great adventure. But sometimes you have to say “fuck it” first.

Charles Laughton & John Carradine in Captain Kidd. Film screenshot (Benedict Bogeaus Productions) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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