50 shades of stupid

Uh oh, it’s that “slap my face and wake me up” time again. That time when I’m reminded just how dumb modern Paganism can sometimes be.

Really people, you have this amazing chance, to be something different. To not go bury yourself in the old idea of religions looking for power, of collectives that have rights to balance against human rights, of special entitlements when there’s enough of you with a flag.

And what do we do? We pussy foot around in the name of religion. We get shy of criticizing religion. Are you kidding me? There is never a time when it is not appropriate to criticize religion, if the charge is founded. And yes, that includes “us”. A religion that doesn’t agree with that is a religion to be wary of. Religions, like corporations, are not people, so we can lay off the “rights” thing too. Religions have rights over how they treat their own minorities? Give me a break.

Recently I was told by an official of a UK Pagan organization that religious attacks on LGBT people were a “tangential” concern for the Pagan community. I disagree. I know a lot of Pagans who would disagree.

Don’t get fooled by this “religious rights” pop corn. What gave us diversified religious rights was the secular stripping of religions of political power, not the sweet talking “good cop” cutting you a special deal on maybe joining the “family”.

The world is walking away from this crap, in droves. They aren’t looking for an eco-friendly alternative jail.

Benetton Ad – posted at “Who’s That Boy” Blog. The ad was withdrawn by Benetton after legal threats from the Vatican.


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