my top posts of 2012

2012 has been a year that I have been very grateful for. It saw our life transformed by finding a new life in a new location in the summer, one which came as a real blessing for us. We continued to adapt to Phil’s disability and really got our life back. There are a lot of happy, sunny memories from the summer, and we managed to escape the Olympics too! Woo hoo!

Now on the eve of 2013, I do my little “looking back on the blog” bit too.

The most popular posts were in some ways quite constant in theme.

Right at the top was “the ground is shifting under Pagan gender” which picked up a continuing controversy over transphobia in parts of modern Paganism. Also much visited was the original post I did on the subject the year before. As the Wild Hunt blog noted recently:

“What we are witnessing, in real-time, is change happening. A realignment and reconsideration of gender both within and outside a Dianic context that seemed almost unthinkable a decade ago. No doubt there will be further debate and analysis related to this issue, but I think the shifts seen in 2012 are a predictor for future changes in how modern Paganism thinks about, and engages with, gender identity”.

I do believe that is so, and I hope this is one of those places where modern Paganism is reflecting wider change, because a broader, deeper and more intelligent understanding of gender is so needed in our world.

Naked” got a fair amount of hits, expressing some ideas around our attitudes towards nakedness, and questioning why we are seemingly so threatened by nudity, and indeed the subject of sexuality which nudity evokes for a covered up society (though nakedness doesn’t mean sex, it just means not wearing clothes, obviously). In some significant ways we are more disturbed, and more morally horrified by nakedness than we are by violence. It makes no sense, though I think there may be a twisted logic to the equation in a sexually and emotionally repressed society.

My post on Asko Sahlman’s short and moving film “Man seeking Man” continued to attract hits, and I was pleased to see people looking for this unique piece of cinema.

Another old post which continued to get visitors was my account of a Fucked Up gig from 2010. It was a great gig from a great band with a wonderful front man, and I was happy to oblige anyone who enjoyed the sharing.

One from this year that got a lot of hits was “beach combing for natural alchemy“, on the subject of Tammo de Jongh and Richard Gardner, and their vision. They were two twentieth century writers of a countercultural esoteric bent, with an applied focus on the elements of earth, air, fire and water. Unusual and original voices that I don’t want to see lost, they have given me so much that still lives on for me, and I wanted to share that. In many ways the posts I did on Tammo and the subject of the elements formed the living heart of this blog this year, for me at least.  I’d like to thank my friend Jemmy for sharing some of the journey with me :0)

From the search terms people used to get to the blog, it looks like people are searching for Asko Sahlman, hairy gods, Tammo de Jongh, Damian Abraham, bears and nakedness. There is hope.

I gained more followers this year, and more comments and discussion on posts, and I would like to thank all those who chose to follow the blog. I really appreciate your interest, your visits, your likes and your comments.

A very happy 2013 to all my readers!


the dawg

Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-22857-0002 / CC-BY-SA [CC-BY-SA-3.0-de (, via Wikimedia Commons



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