new name

I decided to give my blog a new name, as being known as CredenceDawg is fine, but I wanted the blog to have a name of its own.

What I settled on quite suddenly was “Summer Thunder”, because Summer is definitely me and my husband’s time (we’re both Leos) and we love warmth, and Thunder refers to one of our gods that has been very present with us, especially since we came home to our new home last year. This might end up as our hearth name as well, and we hadn’t had one of them since we left Greenwich  almost 4 years ago. We are indeed home again, and again within sight of the Isle of Dogs.

Summer Thunder is also very reminiscent for me of London weather, with its humid, hot summers, at least as I always remember it from childhood and adolescence. So the name is part celebration, and partly just evocative for me, with much gratitude also mixed in.

Throwley Valley before a thunder storm – Penny Mayes [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



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