creative endings and life renewed

When I was in my twenties we would be coming up to a significant festival for me, that of the 8th, 9th and 10th of April, the time of year that The Book of the Law was received by Aleister Crowley in Cairo in 1904. I say festival, but it was more that I would remember these dates every year, the time that signified the inauguration of the “New Aeon” of Horus.

In fact April had a quality to it for me which generally brought an upsurge of spontaneity and creativity, a roaming and exultant restlessness. It is good to remember that now, as Spring hadn’t been a favourite time for me for quite a few years, something not helped by all that eggs and rabbits stuff. But with the time of Liber AL’s reception comes the season of The Fool, and a great influx.

And here, in the sign of Aries, is Winter’s ending. And just as Winter started in the dissolution of the martial sign of Scorpio, so it ends  in the creativity of the martial sign of Aries. And before the ending of Winter, Spring does not come. We’re very aware of that this year, with snow in April and chill that is only now starting to lift, and trees holding out on bursting into leaf, until the warmth has come. Which it started to do this weekend.

So just in time, maybe raise a glass or a horn, to the Crowned and Conquering Child, to our little king of creative endings and life renewed.

And welcome some warmth into your heart, and some new life that may expand into more real life for you, with playfulness, expression and love.

“A Fool’s Fool”, by Thomas Shields Clarke (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts) [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons


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