a night’s dream

I love Summer, the warmth, the long evenings, the fragrant life that courses through the earth, the trees full of leaves, the swallows and blackbirds, the shirtless workmen, the swampy thunder storms, the walks in the overgrown cemetery, the smell of men’s sweat, the smell of green foliage and the buzzing of insects in the woods and gardens.

Summer for me begins and ends in the signs ruled by Venus: Taurus and Libra. Begun in great strength and ended in a beautiful balance. Astrological Venus encompasses love, union, harmony, attraction,  beauty, art. A mighty magic.

On the Sun goes through the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury, as is the sign of Virgo which the Sun will take as a route back out of the heart of Summer. Mercury, so somehow underestimated, but so key to the processes of realizing Venus’ goal. The Twins make possible all the relationships of Summer, the promise of equality and innocent relationship. Something about the Twins puts real individuals in the universal stream, and the possibility of real love.

On to midsummer, and the sign of Cancer the crab, ruled by the Moon. The first of the “heart of Summer” signs. The Moon is regent of the night, dreams and imagination, glamour and desires that we may be submerged in, like we “go under” the water. Cancer is the sign of cardinal water, initiating, moving water, like a spring or a river source. But we also think of the sea in its power of movement. Cancer is submersion in our own water natures. During the day, the Sun is high. During the short nights, the full Moon hangs low and large in the sky, as if closer to the Earth and to us, drawn closer, in the night that it rules. Not the high, cold  Moons of Winter, but the round, creamy or shining Moons of the summer time.

This is a pretty good time to make a wish, to make positive intention, and with the light of intention and intuition to follow your dreams a bit further. It takes intention, a “real wish”, to put the Moon’s energy to use.

The water is deep, but so are we all. It’s up to you how you play this night, and on what instrument.

Happy wishing.

By Official Navy Page from United States of America MCSA Daniel J. Walls/U.S. Navy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



  1. You capture the essence of magic that I often seem to overlook in everyday life, and you bring me back to that center of peace. Summer is not my season, but you’ve helped me to realize how magical it truly is.

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