golden brown

Now into the third decan of Leo and it feels like the pace has changed, the radio dish has tilted, the lion’s pace older and more measured. The evenings also have suddenly but gently started to get tugged back, drawn just a little in, though the lion will only be muzzled and bound if that’s what he enjoys.

And this should be a time of enjoyment, of gathering and savouring the fruits, our personal crops, planted in the stuff of our life, watered with imagination, warmed with desire and will, lighted with intelligence.

There is no ripening without the power of maturation and darkness and decay, but it’s just a flavour, a shade, a deepening texture on a lustrous cloth, that can only be more lustrous for it.

Leo, the Sun King, tilts his crown to the royalty of your individuality. The rest is up to you – wear your crown in your own way.

Our next full Moon will still be in the lion’s season, and it will still sail in a Summer sky, over lion pavilions and lion gardens, for a night time’s delight, or beauteous sleep.

Cooler it may be, but richer too. May it bring you pleasure and rest and gratification according to your taste.



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