how the demon Dr Phil introduced me to Mr Jove

As we’ve continued to make our way through Libra the main thing I’ve noticed is that I really have to just maintain equilibrium, and just that is a practice and an achievement. I think in some ways the value of just not doing is underestimated. A “good person” isn’t made up of good, they just choose consciously what they express, and how they’ll process experience. That doesn’t say what they’ll choose, or how they’ll process, but that they accept that there is a work to being conscious, and a responsibility.

When I was younger I really didn’t relate to the sign of Libra that much, it was a bit of a blank in  my field of interest. In fact it’s pretty important in  my natal chart, as both Jupiter and the North Node are there, conjunct each other and Neptune, just over the border in Scorpio. It’s not so surprising that I wouldn’t see it at first, as not only is the North Node what you need to develop (rather than what you naturally tend to), but they would tend to get swallowed up and “disappeared” by oceanic, reality sliding Neptune. But how I did need that Jupiter in Libra, and its airy expansiveness, its idealism and sense of peace. I needed that cool, kindly king at home, to keep my peace.

As an aside I would say, if you have personal planets (like Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars and Jupiter) heavily aspected, or especially conjunct one of those big transpersonal heavy weights (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), then it often takes time to extricate that bit of your personal experience from the collective. Uranus shatters, Neptune dissolves and hides things, Pluto engulfs and abducts. It takes time to get things back, and that is the realm of Saturn, of limits, boundaries and necessity. Saturn is the antidote to “too much too soon”. The leaden medicine, the wily benediction, the demon Dr Phil, and probably the way you are going to learn for yourself. The nightshade counsellor is often thought of as the opposite of the Sun, lead to gold, reaper to the spark of life and vitality, but he’s actually the circle round the dot that makes the Sun’s symbol itself.

astrological symbol for The Sun

astrological symbol for The Sun

So, it makes sense that it would take time (until my first Saturn return really), to even start to appreciate the place of that Jupiter and North Node in Libra, my need for peace and real partnership, the importance of service of some kind (all in the 6th house in my chart), and those things that make wider connection with other human beings just that much more feasible. Hell, I even started to put on weight after a while.

Daddy Jupiter smiles on freaks too.

“Venus and Jupiter” by Raphael [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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