a sabbat goat at the eclipse

17th October – It was a luminous Autumn afternoon, golden sun and blue skies, and now I watch a jet draw its white trail above the moss covered roof tops opposite, with tall trees still in leaf in the road beyond, television aerials against the approaching tinge of twilight blue. We got the extractor fans working for the first time today (which is to say the cute work man did), Phil’s electric wheelchair came back from repair, my new tattoo is healing, I’ve almost finished “Interview with the Vampire”, and I published a video on YouTube.

18th October – it’s dark, dinner is cooking on the stove, and tonight is a lunar eclipse. I like lunar eclipses (and more on that one here), I like seeing any Moon in fact (apart maybe from the exactly bisected, half slice of lemon Moons, especially the waxing ones, which just look kinda “on edge” to me), but a full moon that will go through ash, grey, dull browns, sepias, oranges and reds, they are quite a little wonder, and the world has a special atmosphere during them. This one is opposing my Jupiter and North Node quite closely.

My new video is here if you want to have a look, I am keeping the vlog and the blog separate (apart from on the Summer Thunder facebook page, in case people want to be able to keep tabs on both easily) as they are quite different media that work in very contrasting ways. The vlog was actually exploring some themes I have treated before on this blog, focusing on the figure of the god of the witches’ sabbat. I have to admit that there are times when I barely feel Pagan at all if I compare myself to the most common batch of modern Pagan consensuses, or at least I find myself significantly out on some things close to my heart. But because I am very definitely a polytheist, and Paganism includes highly individual paths within it, I find myself within Paganism, albeit accompanied by my own mutation of secular humanism which I take as my common human inheritance from The Enlightenment. This will probably always seem a contradiction to some people, but then Romanticism (which looks a lot more like neopaganism) did emerge from the Enlightenment, even if in part in reaction to it, and modern Paganism stands quite clearly on the ground cleared by secularism and humanism, even if it seems to take it entirely for granted at times, to the point of perverse presumption. Personally speaking, I became an atheist at age 14, and an aspiring occultist at 15, because though I loved and appreciated reason and the freedom it brought, I wanted more. I yearned from the place where the soul would be, and saw no reason to not be pragmatic about it. I was never going to be one of those card carrying rationalists toeing the party line, trussed up in an intellectual corset when what I wanted was mystery and delights and adventure. But neither was I going back to any mainstream or organized religion, except as a particularly florid and foolish gamble (and I speak from experience). The astrologically minded might note that I have Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius in the 8th house – it explains a few things.

And now dinner is practically done, so I’ll wish you a fine lunar eclipse, whether it’s ashes, rose or amber mud, it is all magic and as it should wonderfully be.

Macrobius, Commentarii in Somnium Scipionis. Folio 49 verso. Diagrams showing lunar and solar eclipses. Image in public domain.



  1. You and me both on not feeling that Pagan sometimes bro. Then I realise it is just me trying to ft in the correct boxes set by others as I have tried to do in other areas of life. As you know I am on a rapid learning curve right now and one thing I am picking up on is if we rebel in one area of life we try to compensate by fitting in more in others. OK I finished kicking my own butt – thanks for that

    Love ya

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