2013 blog review

Every New Year’s eve WordPress send out a summary of your blog’s stats, and what it did from their point of view. I always quite enjoy this, as it’s a thoroughly nerdy way to end the year, and someone else has chosen the material for me to finish up the year with. So here is Summer Thunder’s 2013:

I have a persisting commitment to amateurism and enthusiasm, personal content over any kind of “professional” form. Geeky is way better than worthy, and punk beats qualification. What I hope for this blog is that it will be enjoyed and make a real difference for some people, so I’ve been happy to see the blog grow steadily.

I have more visitors and more posts than last year, have jumped to 80 followers, and have some regular commentators, making more comments than last year overall. The e-mail communications I have received from interested readers have been really appreciated. Posts are getting shared a lot more on places like facebook, which is also nice.

My busiest day was late in the year on December 4th, and the most visited post that day was the brook that runs through the wasteland, which combined demons, forgiveness and water in the context of personal psychological processes. I believe this was also my most shared post of the year, which was very gratifying.

My most popular posts for the year combined some new and some old:

Pagan transphobia, no you can’t pretend it’s hip anymore stayed at the top (or near) for a third year running. There are a number of reason’s for that. The post got tracked back from some other blogs, and a few direct links, as well as being searched for as a subject (see below). Which all indicates that people are still looking for the subject of trans issues in Paganism, and interested in the rights of transfolk, which is positive. I’d like to forget about the ugliness that led to it all to be truthful, but it’s better that people are aware and finding out about what some people still have to go through, so maybe we can all make a difference.

No 2 was Naked, a post from 2012 about our attitudes towards sex, violence and nakedness. I know one person found that blog through googling the John Lennon quote I used, and I hope they found the rest of the post interesting, as John’s quote really fitted for me. Others were looking for things about naked bike rides, as one featured in the post. Some may have been searching for “naked” as a tag for porn, and I have to apologize for disappointing there. Any aspirations I might have to contribute to pornography as either artist, author or subject must wait for a different medium.

Next came sacred ass, a November post on the special magickal place of the non-procreative, the sacredness of the anus, and of sodomy as a wider category of free sexuality. I was very glad to see this post prove popular, as I think it is an important subject. I also like the word play on the donkey animal that has such interesting associations with figures as diverse as Jesus and Set.

No 4 was how much confusion?, another late in the year post, on the subject of confusion between homosexuality and transgenderism in the gay male community, and the problems it might be contributing to. I did not expect this to be popular as it doesn’t ask a complimentary or fashionable question, though it is one which I find hard to avoid still, after many years. The post got a good number of shares, and the most comments of any post this year, all supportive and/or interested, so I think it must have hit something.

And No 5 was a taster of the magic of the elements, which went into a little more detail on some of Tammo de Jongh/Anelog‘s work on the elements and their applicability to human nature. This was also one of the posts which got the most shares this year, which I was very pleased about, as Tammo’s work really deserves to be remembered and taken forward.

As for what people searched for to find the blog, the most common elements were:

tammo de jongh – good to see the continued interest

asko sahlman – deserved for this actor

z budapest transphobia – karma’s a bitch

My visitors mainly came from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, but Finland also came more into the mix this year. Welcome all!

I’d like to thank my wonderful readers and subscribers for their support and interest, it is very much appreciated.

2014 is indeed another year though. There’ll probably be more on Tammo de Jongh and Richard Gardner’s work on the elements, maybe tarot, astrology, healing, letting go and opening up – who knows. It’s a new world, and that’s what’s important.

Happy New Year!

Time Smoking by Time Smoking by William Hogarth [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Time Smoking by William Hogarth [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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