The Book of Noah

A cause for celebration – the film “The Book of Noah” is now available for viewing online. It’s a film by Drew Smith, starring Patrick Cox, about a dognapper and his small town friends.

I have wanted to see this for years now, being a Patrick Cox fan, and having seen the promising trailer, but it was nowhere to be found. Patrick does get roles, but I would really love to see more of him on screen.

We got to watch it today and I loved it.

“Imagine The Book of Noah’s Paul and Noah as alternate-reality, less zany, more real-world versions of Jay and Silent Bob. Then imagine the pair as mostly antagonistic to each other, rivals for the same girl, and caught in the morass of late-twenty something unrealized potential”

Greg Akers Review in the Memphis Flyer, October 24, 2007

“…about a gentle giant of an unlucky professional dog-napper played by Patrick Cox, in one of (Indie Memphis’) standout performances.”

John Beifuss, The Commercial Appeal, October 2007

Absolutely loved Pat Cox in this, but there were good performances from Drew Smith, Corie Ventura and others in the cast too. It’s a touching, unique movie that stays with you. You can see it here*.

Patrick has a lot of fans in the bear community, and he’s embraced us and been good to us. He’s a good guy and we love him.

See the movie!

screen capture from

screen capture from “The Book of Noah”

* April 2015: sadly the video of the film is now offline, I hope it will be available again in future, in one format or another.



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