a day trip to Kensington

Yesterday was New Moon, in Pisces and conjunct Neptune and Chiron, and we had a very nice day out. It was something new for us, a spiritualist gathering with 8 mediums giving demonstrations over four and a half hours.

It was on the other side of London, but using the cab card service we managed to get there with the power wheel chair using four “trips” on the card, taking a break in the middle. So we stopped off for coffee in between, and it was a nice sunny day. I hadn’t been back to West London for quite a few years, and our destination was next to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. We had time to spare, so I took Phil down the road to at least see inside Kensington Gardens (we could see the Albert Memorial from where we were at Queen’s Gate). Actually, though this might sound silly, this was a  real breakthrough for me, as I had always wanted to take Phil to see Kensington Gardens and the Museums at South Ken, they having been such a big part of my childhood, but I hadn’t before worked out how to do it with the wheelchair, as disabled access on public transport in London is utterly appalling and we basically cannot use it (with the exception of the DLR and Westminster station). So there we were, in Kensington Gardens, and next to the museums!

We really did enjoy the Spiritualist Association demonstration; the energy was good, people were very civilized, helpful, and friendly, and it was great seeing how different mediums work with different styles. We did both get messages as well, plus the offer of a spirit labrador! It was a  really positive day with some very nice people.

On the way home we had to break up the journey again, so we stopped off at Cafe Rouge on the slightly eastern side of central London (near Holborn) for a meal , and then  headed home.

I think we will be visiting the spiritualists again, as it was such a good day.


a slightly fuzzy view of the Albert Memorial from within Kensington Gardens



  1. What provision that is made for disability access to public transport is often occupied by incredibly lazy mothers who can’t be assed to fold a push chair up and carry their child – it is disgusting.

    Rant over – great piece Bro

    • exactly so bro, and if you did get past the angry baby buggy brigade, and cope with the stress of the entire operation, the suspension and driving on a lot of the buses make them hazardous for people with spinal or chronic pain problems, and then drivers miss bus stops, don’t keep the doors open long enough, honestly London buses are a disgrace, and the London public can be so selfish. When Phil used to walk with a stick and we used to use public transport years ago, people would just completely ignore Phil and leave him standing – young, healthy people. As for the Underground, there is virtually no wheelchair access you can depend on, Jubilee line is probably the best, but then there is no access to street level (except Westminster and the DLR interchanges). We totally need the cabs, they are a life line for us. Thanks for all your comments Jeremy, glad you liked it 🙂

      • Bro it ain’t just London, it is the same here. Bus drivers don;t help either, one here even told a poor man in a chair to wait for the next bus cos some lazy cow wouldn’t collapse her buggy. It was chucking rain and I went dip shit at the driver took his details and reported him not just to Thamesdown buses but the driver’s union – one license withdrawn.

        You are right tho the tube is awful, just coming to moot you see how the disabled struggle. Mind you it does get some odd looks when you give up your seat to someone and a few comments.

  2. The last time I was down in London we ended up going to the Science Museum, and then taking what I thought was a short walk to the Albert Hall and the Memorial (wrong on that one!) The hall itself seemed to be even more crammed in between the modern buildings than I remembered, and it really is noticeable when you stand in front of the memorial in such a wide open space, and then look back across the road at the Albert Hall itself. Co-incidentally, as I was looking up at the beautifully ornate, and incredibly detailed angels and other figures atop the memorial, my mind when back to being young and in the gardens at Stansted Hall, where all the Spiritualists hang out! Happy memories (don’t remember there being any spirit labradors though.)

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