freeing the merfolk

I had an interesting dream yesterday. I don’t remember all of it, but at the end there was a “mermaid”, about 60 years old, in a dress. Facially she looked a bit like a few people I have worked with in my life, and we were persuading her that she could turn her tail fin into feet, and showing her that under her skirts she had toes. She didn’t believe us at first, she just gave us a well meaning, resigned look. Then she started to say “really?”, like “are you sure?”, and she finally saw the toes with their toe nails, which made her happy.

As I was coming out of the dream I was saying something in a slightly tranced state. It went something like:

“the trouble is that life is very hard for people, and also far more magical than they think. You have to make life as kind as you can, and your magic as helpful as you can”

I think that is true. Life is hard for people, it can be cruel and unkind. But at the same time it is magical and we are magical, though most people have forgotten that. Those two things come together and it turns people, into something not entirely human. Unconscious magic, under hard circumstances, it does things to people.

So we do need to work to alleviate both our own and other people’s suffering in our lives, and also to make our magic beneficial and conscious. It’s really a very personal work. But I believe it can turn people back into people.

“The Land Baby” by John Collier [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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