soul dreaming

Happy Equinox to all!

Increasingly this seems to be a good time of year for me, though for years I was really not a Spring person at all. Maybe it is the remembered association with the anniversary of the reception of the Book of the Law, not far off in April. It is in any case a great time, being the start of the astrological year in Aries.

I continue to have helpful and fruitful dreams. I am not one to remember a lot of my dreams, at least not when I have been constrained to a 9 – 5 type existence. But give me a relatively disrupted or unorganized schedule, and more sleep during day light, or sleep in bits, and I do remember dreams more, especially in the morning.

Yesterday morning I had a very interesting and beautiful dream. The house I lived in had quite a few rooms, and everything was lit with a low, warm light. There were all kinds of people in the house, all kinds of objects round the house (I remember semi-precious stones), and one of the rooms had a small indoor pool. It was like all these people had been invited through an advert to a party. There was nothing threatening about it, but you felt it could be judged as somehow dodgy or suspect by an outsider. Many of the people looked Indian or oriental.

Then it came time for the people to leave, and I was going around collecting things up. There was a young father with his small son, and there was also a young transwoman, and they all looked Indian. I felt a lot of warmth for them, and the father was platonically very affectionate back, while his little son was just a delightful, communicative child. There was a  light to them. I was thanking them for being there and asking them to come back. I found the father attractive, but it was both erotic and non-sexual at the same time. He kissed me on the lips, and his little boy kissed me on the forehead. The dream experience was aglow with a warm, innocent, open hearted spirituality.

I woke up with a great sense of lightness, warmth and freedom, and the love and radiance that I associated with what I once called “God” (or “The Beloved” in Sufi poetic terms). Now I have no word for it, though maybe I could call it the Spirit (or reality or presence) that is found through the heart. As I came to I “recalled” who I was “meant” to be according to my biographical story, and contracted, before I realized that I didn’t have to.

In the Hindu system the heart chakra is called anahata, which means unhurt, unstruck or unbeaten.

Sometimes dreams are more real than waking.

A Dream of a Girl Before a Sunrise by Karl Briullov [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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