As I said previously, I’ve got the message to get back into painting and drawing, and I just completed a preliminary work on paper, which is the first I had done in years. I’m very happy with it, and will probably do another version on canvas. I really would encourage anyone to follow their own tastes and inspirations, whatever your supposed training or “talents”, and just do the stuff you want to, in whatever medium calls to you. You’ll learn, and if you keep the creative spark and juice, the raw stuff, that is what is important.

What I wanted to do with the post is just share the stages of this painting happening. It’s like how the shell cracked, and the chick started to hatch. Or maybe a lizard in this case lol.

first sketch

first sketch

First sketch was pretty much the image as it ended up, but without background or surroundings, and the child in the picture at this point was a little goat headed child, reflecting his “daddy”.

second sketch

second sketch

Second sketch basically got all the main features of the finished picture, baby had become a human baby, but retained the affectionate, reaching hand. The right wing assumed a protective curve. Horizon, Moon, clouds.

first outline of painting

first outline of painting

Transferred to painting outline, protective wing accentuated.

figure colouring

figure coloring

Initial coloring in of figure, left wing modified, left foot made visible, Moon now waning.

initial ground coloring

initial ground coloring

Next I added a tail, eye color, and worked on the color of the ground, shading into the distance, but none of the ground color really stayed in the finished version.

background and baby

ground,background and baby

This was the biggest jump in the process: ground completely recolored, night sky, Moon, clouds with shadow and light, horizon, baby colored in blue-black, highlights on figure from moon light.

almost finished

almost finished

Shadowing added to figure and a bit more texturing, intensified darkness of wings and sky, more work on highlights, sky horizon, baby outlined, facial features and star added in white (quite crude in this version, but it works for me).



Shadow added on ground.

I hope you enjoyed that! I love him :0)

If you have any drive to be creative, just do it. It does not matter what anybody else thinks, it does not matter what your training or qualifications are. Be punk about it – it’s for everyone that wants it. Just make sure you share it :0)

PS: the images in this post are obviously by me, of my own work, and can be shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License which covers the blog as a whole, credited to Mo Batchelor.



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