words, words, words

I’m still grappling with that term “warlock”. Warlock or witch? Warlock or witch?

If I was witch, I’d be a witch after the type of Marion Weinstein, a scrupulously clear, equal opportunities magic worker, going my own way.

But we all know the term “witch” has been co-opted by something else. So should that bother me? Should I just carry on and say “but it means this to me”?

And then magic, truthfully, is more than what Marion Weinstein goes into, much as I love her.

Then there is the reviled term “warlock”, and behind the reviling there is an unknown. Witch was reviled once (and still is quite a few places). Is that meant to stop us? No, clearly not.

Warlock, should we do the work, could be a good balance and a new start. But I am clear, the work has to be positive, because that is what builds lives, and we cannot only be getting free of bindings – we have to build the new lives too.

Warlock, breaking oaths, breaking bad spells, making anew.

Witch or warlock, warlock or witch? Whatever works for you. Words are powerful, and then again they are just words. Sometimes you have to work with them, transform them; sometimes you have to get free of them.

Do it all with love.

By Skye.marie (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons




  1. Since I was a kid I always imagined myself as a warlock because I just thought that’s what male witches were called, and it wasn’t until learning about Wicca that I learned the negative meanings of it. I guess sometimes it might be better to trust our first instincts than try to conform to the dogmas of our peers.

  2. I’ve never been keen on labels. The fact that both terms have been co-opted by non magical folk, makes me wary of using either as a “label”. I much prefer elemental magician if I felt a need to be “labelled”.

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