Probably a rambler of a post here. Really pretty nice, sunny but chilly weather in East london, and the season is pretty well locked and loaded for Walpurgis Night/Beltane, but just not here yet. There’s a buzz to the air but it’s not comfortable, but if you follow astrology you’ll probably know that there is a pattern called a grand cross in the heavens right now. I calculated the following chart for the moment I was thinking about this, before we sat down to watch The Simpsons. As it happens it shows the grand cross very nicely lined up along the axes of the chart.


This grand cross isn’t an “over in a day” or a week thing, and it builds on one of the real crunch aspects of the decade (at the least), the square between Uranus and Pluto. You could think of this as the first gear crunching phase of a cycle that began in 1965 with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. It is a multi-generational testing aspect of just how much wisdom and understanding we have managed to develop, ground, integrate and actualize since the socially revolutionary times of the 1960s. In part, it is “how do you reconcile freedom and power?”. In these signs of Capricorn and Aries, it is corporate and traditional power, and individual, personal freedom. At least that would be one snap shot of it. But looked at another way, it is collective, “necessary”, life and death value, and the pioneer’s original, unfettered vision. You could do a lot of different versions. One way this question could be played out would be the big what if around climate change, reversible ecological destruction, and the needs of human population and culture. We could be getting a “no” on the idealistic question of eco-activism as it has been framed so far, and that would mean a retreat of both certain kinds of idealism (if they proved unrealistic), and certain kinds of ignorance (if associated with assertions or denials that proved to be wrong). The game will change. In fact  whatever it relates to, you can be pretty certain that the Uranus-Pluto square will bring about a game change, and the end of an entire stage of some games.

What happens with the grand cross (in red in the diagram above) is that Jupiter takes up another corner opposite Pluto, and then Mars completes the pattern at the fourth corner opposite Uranus for a relatively short period of time, locking the whole thing in. Grand crosses famously have that locked in quality. Everywhere you turn there is another challenge that hits off the other challenges, and it’s sometimes referred to as a “make or break” pattern. Jupiter in Cancer has a softening, luminous quality, but combined with Uranus it gets an endless, cosmic road trip vibe, and the need for freedom becomes magnified. Combined with Pluto it can get a lot darker, ambitious, potentially clannish, with an eye to exploitation. And then the cross is completed by Mars (no introduction needed) in diplomatic Libra, opposite Uranus, square to Pluto and Jupiter. There is quite a lot in that picture which is high energy, with lots of fuel, lots of drive and vision (though not entirely happy or non-compulsive), and a strongly unpredictable feel.

But there are stabilizers and run offs for the tension. There’s a basic conservatism about deep change in that Saturn in Scorpio which tempers the troubled vision of Jupiter here, and even more there are a flurry of easy flowing trines down to Pisces, to a limitless Neptune, Venus and Chiron, the wounded healer. It is something of a tense time, but there is also a very powerful healing vibe coming through the picture here. It might not all be nice, some of it is I think collectively difficult for us to swallow, but I might tentatively suggest that if we can just hold it, do the big nothing in the face of all the push pulls, this could be part of the game change, and if we can listen to the game change without compromising our own individual selves, then we could see a little of what could be, when that Uranus-Pluto square is all through.

It is funny how these “big” aspects form a back drop to parts of your life. The original Uranus Pluto conjunction was the background to the childhood I can remember the best, and it’s aftermath coloured my adolescence. The square has marked a period of (sometimes hard) learning, growth, change and bizarrely a flowering I could not have predicted. It’s been (so far) the time when I had to face aging and start living and fighting for what I damn well have to have, for both me and my loved ones. I am slowly pushing past middle age, and there are times when I haven’t felt as young and uncompromisingly myself  in decades.

Some astrologers will tell you, those big transpersonal aspects, those heavy ones, they’re all about mass events, collectives, generations, “humanity”.

But that’s at least partly bullcrap, even where it also seems to be true in mass terms. We make up the rules as we go along. Or else join the long line for the workshop on how to be normal. The trick is that the exit from “normal” doesn’t have any line in front of it.

Keep your astrology dirty and magical, and personal if you want it to be useful in your life. It’s going to be that anyway, so enjoy it, and make it work. You get the final say on how you relate to things. If you don’t like it, send it back, but know what you want.

It’s a banquet, not a church service. A banquet in your dreams. Just sometimes the Lunch has to get a bit Naked.

Plaque Beat Hotel, 9 rue Gît-le-Cœur, Paris by Wikimedia Commons / Mu (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons



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