bringing the Sun home

I realized after writing my last post that I hadn’t said much about what I think Lammas is, as oppposed to what it isn’t for me. So here it is.

If I had to put Lammas in a phrase I would describe it as the materialization of the Sun. Each of the solar festivals is followed by a cross quarter day, approximately 6 weeks later. The solar festivals are the solstices and equinoxes. The cross quarter days are Beltane/Walpurgis Night/May Day, Lammas/Lughnasadh, Halloween/Samhain, and Candlemass/Imbolc. The cross quarter days manifests on Earth the change that has taken place in the heavens. I find this the simplest way of understanding the “wheel of the year”.

Thus Walpurgis Night and Halloween manifest the rapid change and shifts of the equinoxes, but in grounding them they take them right into the place they are heading for (but you will still note the sense of being on the edge).

Lammas and Candlemass manifest quite different qualities. Winter Solstice is solar low point, and there is a regenerating, reviving and transformative quality to it, as well as a starry, nocturnal aspect. Candlemass manifests both the starry, reviving quality of the time, and the barrenness of the lack of Sun in midwinter. Summer Solstice on the other hand is solar high point, and has a trippy but very daytime feel. Lammas brings the Sun to Earth in maximum warmth and fruitfulness. Also, being so solar, it is also a time for the individual and creativity, which gets its astrological representation in the sign of Leo (ruled by the Sun).

So that is how I see Lammas.

July/Leo, Book of Hours, Bodleian Lib. MS Auct. D.inf.2.11., fol 6r by Fastolf Master (cf. license) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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