service resumed

I checked the ephemeris today and the Mars-Saturn conjunction is almost separated. Mars is not that far off going into Sagittarius (how different can you be from Scorpio? try Sagittarius different), as Saturn continues to make its way through the latter half of King Swamp’s sign. It was good, but I can feel things lightening already.

Even our weather has returned to what I would like for early September – fine days with blue skies, but with a delicate, mellow feel.

What came through the time for me was the importance of service and work. It really was a  good conjunction, but it was heavy, the frequency of the energy was strong but pitched low, but there was plenty of good energy out there, you just had to put it to use, and realize that sometimes you just have to be put to use too, in a subtle sense, not in a “getting used” sense.

I used to have some reservations about the whole “service” thing when I was younger, as there was an association with a rather debilitating, dispiriting kind of Christianity for that word. I have come to understand the process of service as a much more Virgoan thing, and I suspect that the Piscean nature of institutional Christianity has obscured what is actually its polar opposite. The real anti-Christ is actually your cleaner, or the guy manning the call centre. Now there’s an idea!

You actually need a self in order to be “selfless”, and selfless isn’t about sacrifice. You need a self, and a very strong, individual self, to serve, or be of service. If you can give away and not lose, then you can serve. Otherwise you are part of the problem the service is meant to be helping, and that’s just silly.

But a real individual, a sovereign self, can serve freely and truly. I think we’re still getting past the Piscean delusion that only a slave could be a good servant. That’s why we treat people who serve like slaves. It’s complete bullshit, but just look around you.

The anti-Christ is probably wearing a cheap dress or overalls, or sweating in some god awful shirt and tie, or taking orders in a diner.

The time of service will come back. Meanwhile, be grateful so many do so much, for so little respect. Maybe try and make up for it with how we treat each other.

There’s a whole world of understanding to be gained from this stuff, when you find out how you might be able to do it.

Everybody is a star.

Winchester Trusty Servant – see Wikimedia page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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