cantering by the shore

Another one of those fuzzy, foggy feeling days. Ugh. Awkward feeling too. And there I was thinking that Mars going into Sagittarius would be all bouncy and soaring! Instead it feels rather uncomfortable and brazen (says me, with my Mars in fixed earth Taurus). It does actually feel to me like we’ve gone from woodwind and sinuous gothic oboe and clarinet, to BRASS.

When I looked at the chart, it was apparent that Mars has walked from Scorpio straight into a square with Neptune. And there he was, like a leather clad Jim Morrison, singing “come on baby, put out my fire”, before transforming into Jon Bon Jovi. I feel tired, and a bit jarred. Mars may be on horseback, but the only place to go on Neptune’s ocean is up and down the beach so, keep that boundary in mind, and enjoy the holiday. It’ll be early October before Mars gets disentangled from Neptune, so chill out and go hang out at the bar next to the sea, enjoy the Sun and the sea breeze.


The other thing that was clearly happening here was that Jupiter was closing in for a square with Saturn, Leo to Scorpio. That’s a bit of a Scorpio poop on Leo’s party, and it lasts until the end of the year, when Jupiter retrograding pulls away from it before re-engaging it next year. Sigh. What does a philandering divine monarch have to do for a good time around here? Well, probably put up with an amount of restlessness, and pay the cleaning bills, and get philosophical about all those “should”s and “should not”s, get pragmatic and pay off the kill joys, so to speak. Jupiter (presently ruling Mars in Sagittarius) wants like hell to get going on some freaky, visionary adventure, with a trine to Uranus in pioneering Aries. But Saturn says everything has a price, especially an emotional price in Scorpio, so that paw is gonna get crossed with gold, or maybe just with time.

And then there’s Mercury, right on the North Node money, in balanced Libra, zapped across the chart by Uranus, which kinda reinforces the sense, that feeling like you have to do anything right now is probably not something to follow. Sextile Jupiter, Mercury does help out here. The good times, with some refinement and poise, can still roll. Something also highlighted by Venus in Virgo, with a refining opposition from Neptune.

Give it time, it will clear. Jupiter and Saturn will get something practical sorted out, and it will be good.

Another cocktail at the beach bar. Tickle Jupiter under his chin. Help him to stay a while longer and play.

Jupiter, Mercury and Virtue by Dosso Dossi [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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