lawless relief

Apparently Pluto has been stationing direct, which means that while it has been going backwards through Capricorn (as seen from Earth) since last April, it has now slowed to a stop, before it travels forwards again. Maybe that is why it has felt so heavy since the weekend, with other factors combined, after all, Mars went into Sagittarius on Saturday, intensifying the demands of its square with a Piscean Neptune, and Pluto stationed at stand still by Tuesday. I think I’ll be having a look at what might be happening at the next New Moon sometime, as that is what we are travelling towards immediately.

Over all though, I’ve found the energy just humbling. I’ve felt kinda dully, subliminally anxious, burdened, and like most things I could express are just not good enough. It’s like a rewiring is going on. Now it is lifting as I find myself letting go, and the weather is beautifully warm, and we do seem to be getting that much sought after “Indian Summer” of English Autumns. Looking at the hazy evening Suns, and the trees still full of leaves, I’m reminded of the relief that Nature provides.

If there was one thing about Nature which characterized its redemptive quality for me, it would be its lawlessness in human terms. I do not go with the sentimental anthropomorphization of Nature,  especially those endless comparisons to “mother”. It is inhuman, and it is amoral, and oh what a sweet relief that is.

Then you can accept it and let go, let go. No judgement, and no human scale of life and death. Whole lives come and go in less than a season. Others far outlast our own present standard. And like looking at the stain patterns of water dripping down stone, depositing mineral and metal sheens, stone rainbows for the subterranean, you can breathe in the forgiveness that resides in inhumanity.

Great Nature, monstrous and compassionate as chemistry.

objects petrifying in the waters dripping at Mother Shipton's Caves, Knaresborough

objects petrifying in the waters dripping at Mother Shipton’s Caves, Knaresborough



  1. Yeh, I agree. I’ve been trying to suss out where the irritable, antsy , angst energy was coming from and I think the combo of Pluto stationing and Mars square Neptune. Also wondering if we are picking up the upcoming eclipses already. It has felt very unsettling and lonely, and the weather here is hot and I have just kept working through but also resting when I have felt tired. It’s a slight pressure cooker, pre storm energy. I hope it clears soon. P.S. I not long ago read “The Source” re: Mother Shipton and her cave and just love the pic! Thanks!

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