the “h” word

Of the things I planned on maybe writing about this year, I realized that the one I haven’t really touched on is “healing”.

“Healing” is a subject that gets some people jumpy, as they think it involves potentially giving the vulnerable false hope. It’s a bit like those paranormal programs where they have to preface it with “for entertainment purposes only”. I could never understand why they didn’t have that disclaimer before all those Christian worship programs in that case, but anyway, in the case of healing, it is the obvious and culturally inherited term for people seeking help with any number of types of problem, and provided people understand what they mean, that is fine. If “holistic therapy”, or “energy work”, or “complimentary therapy” works better for you, then that is also fine. You choose your baggage according to taste, and I understand that for people brought up with tales of Jesus healing the sick through the laying on of hands, the baggage might be considerable. Suffice to say, no one is being Jesus here.

For me healing is a matter of self-healing and the attainment of balance and wholeness, relatively speaking. I say relatively, because we don’t really get to be ourselves, do anything, or actually live life without being out of balance. But one of my sayings is that the whole heals the part, so imbalance is actually part of the diversity of life, but we have to find our place within a balanced whole, and sometimes we need to reconnect.

Whatever technique someone uses, on themselves or others, I think of it as helping the person to heal themselves, regain balance, become more whole, or connected with a greater wholeness. There isn’t any cavalry or magic bullet. There isn’t any guaranteed end result. And for the record, modern medicine can do things which nothing else can, with reliability, and under extremely challenging circumstances, so there isn’t any either/or here. We need modern medicine for the kind of lives we are used to expecting, and there is no question about that. So get those freakin vaccinations and stop whining. We don’t have a substitute for modern medicine, but many of us feel we do have things that can really add to our lives, help each other, and help our healing processes. What a lot of “holistic” methods do is put the person and their subjective self-experience up front. It really does have its place, and it can have an important place for some people.

The main thing that I do is Reiki, which would probably come under the broad category of energy healing or energy work. It actually is nice to get away from the “healing” term in some ways, as it does put the practice in a bit of a box. Reiki was originally more akin to a self development path, leading to a form of enlightenment, but with the “health helping” aspect as part of it. The initial focus is helping yourself.

I think it is a good practice to learn, and I know people who say it has changed their lives for the better. I am a Reiki “master”, which is to say I am at level 3 of Reiki, where I can train and “initiate” or “empower” people, so that they can channel Reiki for themselves. My original training, to level 2, was with my Reiki master ProwlingBear, who did all my initiations remotely at a distance (he lives in the USA, and I live in the UK). These were some of the most powerful energy experiences I have had, and I can say with certainty that distance initiations work. My master training was done face to face by Tina Shaw who is a Reiki Evolution teacher.

I am interested in what can be achieved with imparting Reiki while circumventing the money transaction side of things. I don’t think there is anything wrong with charging for your work as a Reiki practitioner, but I am not in the position of running a business personally, and I have a limit on my time and especially physical availability as a teacher, as I am committed to caring for my husband. Nevertheless, I know that Reiki can be helpful for people, and can be imparted at a distance. I was taught that it is traditional that there is an exchange involved in receiving Reiki, a “payment” so to speak, but I was also taught by ProwlingBear that this exchange does not have to be monetary, and that you can leave it up to the Universe how you make your “payment” to it.

I will have to see if there are ways to pass on Reiki in my position, without it being any kind of business, and with my family commitments. Theoretically there should be ways, as Reiki 1 is simple, it doesn’t require face to face training as such, and distance empowerments are entirely feasible. Reiki is a good thing for people to have, for themselves, their friends and family, and if that is what people want, without the money and the certificates, then I think it is possible. I probably just have to follow my intuition.

Just have to see really, though it could be something I just end up doing for friends when we have the chance.

it's ok - I'm joking

it’s ok – I’m joking



  1. Funny synchro. I awoke this morning after dreaming that I was being judged which side I came under as to whether or not I had to read this book written by the Centaur, Chiron. It turned out I did. I woke thinking, well, still got some healing work to do.

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