October Lunar Eclipse

Next station, lunar eclipse, 8th October (in Europe anyway).

I have been feeling like life is taking on more of a “spiritual practice” aspect as we move through this lunar month, like where you have to remember, keep calm, be aware, be mindful, return to the practice of whatever it is that brings you back to poise and balance.

When I drew up the chart for the coming Full Moon (which is also the eclipse), I had the choice of including all the asteroids, centaurs etc that I usually look at, but this time I just felt it was better to keep it simple.

lunar eclipse October 2014

lunar eclipse October 2014

As you can see, the Sun-Moon opposition is (unsurprisingly) associated with the node axis, though quite loosely, as this is not a total eclipse. Sun is at the North Node, and Moon is at the South. This gives the full Moon something of a karmic flavour. I tend to think of eclipse patterns as a bit like worm holes – you go in at one, and come out at the next in a sense, or at least you can do.

You’ll notice that this is a kite formation, formed by a grand trine of Uranus-Moon, Jupiter and Mars, opposed by Sun-Venus, which is also sextiles Jupiter and Mars. The Jupiter-Mars-Uranus grand trine is something that has been trying to happen for a while, but it was getting very tethered with squares at every turn. Mars is now clear of its square to Neptune, so energy and direction should be improving. What this kite shows us is how to actually make this grand trine work. Jupiter-Mars-Uranus, with lots of flowing energy, is potentially progressive, far sighted, visionary, and able to cover a lot of ground in terms of giving motivating meaning, drive, and future-oriented goals that can be apprehended intuitively. The qualifying factors are “is it practical?” (square Saturn) and “does it pass the bottom line reality test?” (Square Pluto).

Here’s how the lunar eclipse does it:

Venus conjunct Sun conjunct North Node in Libra. This is where all that “stop, meditate, be mindful” stuff is coming from. It happens to be what we need, and it’s at the focus of the kite, so this is what can focus and put that grand trine to work. Uranus is with the Moon at the South Node (or near, it’s an eclipse so it counts) in Aries. Jumpy, frazzled, impulsive? Feeling a bit out there? Kooky and needing space suddenly? Like, now*? Well that’s ok, but this is not the time to do anything about it. What is needed is on the other side of the chart. A sense of balance, harmony, poise, the clear space on the in breath, and the out breath. As Allen Ginsberg used to say: “it’s never too late to do nothing at all“.

This Sun in Libra, with its blessing from the North Node also pulls in the influence of Mars and Jupiter, and just makes everything that much brighter, livelier and more fortunate feeling, so long as you stay with our beautiful arrangement in Venus’ airy sign.

What pulls the bow string taut here is Pluto, squaring both ends of the Sun-Moon opposition. What that points to is the need for purification and transformation, of emotions and feeling, relationships, expression, and sense of identity. If there is negativity there, with Pluto it will bloat, go bad, and purge. Thus the need for purification.

But just as a string pulled tight might be to fire an arrow, so too might it be to tune a violin.

Be mindful, repose in balance and poise, practice that calm art, and it will all be for beauty, and give song to the visions of Jupiter, Mars and Uranus.

The Valkyrie’s Vigil by Edward Robert Hughes (1851-1914) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

* it’s still a little under a week to go.


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