I am at present going through that bargain basement psychedelic experience known as illness. Nothing to really complain about, but 16 hours of largely horizontal feverishness, followed by present recuperation is mildly mind altering. I spent a good deal of my childhood with high fevers, and my only memories before the age of 4 are of my father carrying me in from the garden on his shoulder, my brother coming into our kitchen and putting a paper down on the table, and (again) my father trying to teach me to walk in the garden, with my sister in front of me encouraging (it felt like being on roller skates, and I did not like it). I think being ill and out of it so much in early childhood probably did affect me, and I don’t regret that, it probably goes with having Moon in the 12th house. By all accounts, when not ill, I was a placid child, and I would sleep under the sycamore tree that overhung the back yard for hours in my pram. To this day I love trees inordinately, though I know many other people do too, and I would find it hard to understand not loving trees.

Minor illnesses have always seemed like messages to me, especially ones that involve fever and periods of relative seclusion (I also have Mars in the 12th house, which could link to fevers). 12th house of course has a connection with illness (opposed to the 6th house of health, and also associated with hospitals), and with Neptunian mind expansion and seclusion (association with drugs, hypnotism, monasteries and asylums). When something needs to talk to us from the 12th house, it can “get through” in the language of the 6th house, disrupted health and daily routine. Sometimes when we want to listen to the 12th house, a holiday or a retreat is what we need. And there is always sleep of course.

Personally I’m just very grateful for many things. The messages aren’t always processed rationally, and they don’t have to be, so long as we get the message. I might have to make a few little changes, remember what’s important to me, and not waste my energy on what isn’t right for us. The importance of kindness always comes through, kindness and love, and those beneficent influences that accompany our lives from the unseen, and also the importance of selectivity, what you let into your life, your sacred enclosure.

Much to be thankful for, as the season changes to the clear chill of Autumn.

Here’s to sleeping under trees, and writing on water.

1801-11-03-Farina-Brief by Johann Maria Farina (Farina Archiv) [Public domain or CC-BY-3.0-de (], via Wikimedia Commons

1801-11-03-Farina-Brief by Johann Maria Farina (Farina Archiv) [Public domain or CC-BY-3.0-de (, via Wikimedia Commons – digitally solarized


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