Scorpio solar eclipse

You may, like me, be feeling ready for this next eclipse. Ever since the lunar eclipse of earlier in the month it’s been pretty thick and has felt like we’re in a bowl or trough between the two. We exit that bowl on 23rd October.

solar eclipse of 23rd October 2014

solar eclipse of 23rd October 2014

Let’s go straight to the important stuff. This little eclipse (it’s a partial one), this little Sun-Moon conjunction, is also closely conjunct Venus and Pallas, and it is right at the beginning of Scorpio. It’s also at the North Node end of things eclipse wise, not conjunct (thus only a partial eclipse), but at the “yes you should develop this for your karmic benefit” end of things. Keep it simple.

If you have been sticking to the poise and balance of the Sun-Venus conjunction in Libra, holding that balance and meditative quality together, and allowing for the purification and/or purgation that came with the last Full Moon, then you’ll be in a good position to follow through on the step through into the Plutonic and Martial, transformative sign of Scorpio, where Sun-Venus is joined by the wonderful Pallas, the most skilful strategist and most minimalist, light touched power broker of them all. That is something to feel good about. Because if you have been staying balanced, and shedding stuff that was negative (and that won’t have all been pleasant) and just not right for you, then the reward in terms of renewed life is lined up in the sign that the Sun and Venus step into next. We also get a sextile from Mars in Sagittarius that should spark up the engines for more energy and some clearer goals, and some enjoyment. But as well there is a trine up to Neptune, which is pretty dreamy in all senses of the word. Remember Pallas at the other end of the trine though, because she is an ace navigator. And then the eclipse will be over, we’ll be out of the bowl, and on.

Of course, not everything in the sky is peachy for the eclipse. The South Node slings its hook somewhere between Uranus and Eris in Aries, which highlights a certain volatile slippage in the atmosphere that you don’t want to get caught up in. Uranus is still square Pluto of course, with all that zeitgeist testing jazz rumbling around, and they both hard aspect Mercury in Libra. We might not be feeling entirely stable with all that going on, or untroubled by how the world at large looks to us. But that’s eased somewhat by Jupiter in Leo, dear old good time, slightly tipsy Jupiter in Leo, grand enough to shut the drapes and get something good up from the wine cellar, and order in that take away. He’ll remind us that the news is just noise, and all is well when we and our enjoyments are. He may be tipsy, over weight and the cosmic equivalent of Elvis, but fuck it, he is the King, and he knows how to make all well with the world, in a way which is personal enough to be priceless. We know that Saturn in Scorpio is still outside the curtains, but look, we’re getting through that. We ordered the cheap pizza, it balances out the fine wine, and this trailer park can be heaven.

Now if you want to be more sensationally challenging you could notice that there is a pretty close T square formed by Black Moon Lilith, Nessus and Ceres. Lilith in Leo, Nessus in Aquarius and Ceres in Scorpio. Sounds like an alien abduction drama, modifying the gene pool and our food supply, playing out over several generations. Honestly I have no idea, and Sedna is not quite making a grand cross out of the formation in Taurus, but there is a disturbing pattern in the offing there, and hitting on Ceres and Nessus, there is an insecurity and a sense of threat to our natural well being and safety, to the basic, wholesome, workability of our place in the natural order.

Depending on how much of an orb you allow it, there may just about be a trine from Nessus down to our darkly golden band of Sun-Venus-Moon-Pallas in Scorpio. But in any case, the Scorpio quartet is the important stuff to focus on. And there is also that powerful trine up to Neptune in Pisces. I know I said it was dreamy, but that was a bit flip. Neptune going through its own sign of Pisces is a lot rarer than a once in a generation thing. It’s a very powerful placement, and the eclipse is harmoniously aspected to it. Take that to be a blessing, and allow it to be so.

If you’ve stayed reasonably balanced and poised for the last two weeks, despite whatever you’ve been processing, just let yourself follow the red carpet that’s being rolled out to the sign of the phoenix. Keep company with Venus and Pallas, don’t get caught up in mental frazzle or doomy, weird world vibes. You’ve been keeping balanced, and it’ll soon be time to get instinctive, but with the clarity of Pallas. It’ll feel clearer, like being in more conducive, relaxed surroundings. Then we’ll be out of this valley between eclipses, and we can get on.

a diamond dog for the scorpio eclipse - Diamond-ThaiDi by Leon Medov ( [CC-BY-3.0-de (], via Wikimedia Commons

a diamond dog for the Scorpio eclipse – Diamond-ThaiDi by Leon Medov ( [CC-BY-3.0-de (, via Wikimedia Commons – digitally solarized

PS: the thing I forgot to mention here: Mercury is closest to the North Node in the chart so, zapped and embattled as it might feel, from Uranus and Pluto, Mercury still derives great virtue in this picture from maintaining its mental balance and peace.


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