man hate and true believers

I touched on some of this subject here.

It’s difficult to write about, because I feel such contempt for the hypocrisy surrounding it. When you were fooled for a long time, from a young age, and you then wake up (as I did years ago now, in stages), the pause for thought becomes pretty glacial.

So let me share some videos. They are by Karen Straughan, who is an anti-feminist and an ally of the men’s rights movement. I’d say me and Karen are worlds apart. She is a bisexual woman who is an atheist and a mother (aside from anything else), and I am a gay man who believes all kindsa stuff she would probably consider crazy. But I really appreciate intellectual honesty and incisive reasoning, and she has it in bucket loads. These are three videos, almost randomly selected, in that I just happen to have watched them recently. She had made a whole load more. Some are long, one is about 15 minutes.

The comments on atheism, and the mess it is apparently getting into, are interesting also. I’ve noted a certain kind of smug, emotionalist zeal among some young atheists which seemed a bit odd for such a rational movement. I concur that the rationality of something isn’t increased by appeals to rewards, or by it giving you the result you want.

I am as pro-equality as I have ever been, though I am anti-feminist (while disliking “anti” definitions, but you can call a spade a spade here). I consider feminism to be malignant, dishonest, deluded and highly ideological, and the damage it continues to inflict will most likely not be undone in two generations, though some kind of a tide is turning in terms of questioning and disillusionment. Unfortunately feminism draws and depends on a great many people’s sincere aspirations and good will (including mine before I withdrew it), but it then turns that good will into a program that is closer to a kind of puritan religious indoctrination. It also has some enemies that I definitely don’t want to be around, but that is beside the point. I do want a changed world, a more just and free world for everyone, men, women, others, everyone. I wish feminists did too. But that’s not how it is.

I know people will say “but you’re a gay man, you and feminists are on the same side by nature aren’t you? you could do well out of what feminists do”. But that isn’t the point, aside from the fact that we don’t get free by promoting the suffering of others. If something is a truth, that is because it is real and true, not because it might give you an advantage. That would be politics, but it wouldn’t be truth. If you present an untruth as a truth knowingly, then you are a liar, and disingenuousness is not an acceptable half way house. Even if I were to benefit from such an association, I would consider it wrong. It’s that simple.

The spell is broken, and it’s broken for good.

2nd November 2014: small edit to 6th and 7th line of 6th paragraph, without change of meaning. Also, I corrected a statement about Karen Straughan – she is bisexual, not straight.



  1. Since when have feminists and gay men ever been on the same side? Now if ever one needs to see a proof of transition there it is – I have even gobsmacked myself here as only a few years ago I would have thought different.

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