red sky at night

On 6th November we get our next Full Moon, and we get our next signpost out of the crater of eclipse season. Here is the chart in simple form:

Full Moon November 2014

Full Moon November 2014

And here is the same chart with a few more bodies added, in case you’d like to have a look at that.

november fullmoon14

It’s all rather different to what we’ve been looking  at recently, which will probably be a relief to quite a few people. The Sun is sticking with Venus in Scorpio, but has more or less caught up with Saturn, so Venus is melded between a dark and a light influence. I think the effect could be quite dazzling, but it carries an emotional intensity with it. Now that we have left Pallas behind, we are very much on instinctive territory. The Moon of course is over in Taurus, which suits it well. Moon in Taurus has a certain serene, inherently secure aura to it, which is probably not what Sun-Venus-Saturn in Scorpio feels like. Oppositions can give rise to an unconscious drive to externalize and call forth the manifestation of the issues involved in the planetary relationships, and relationships can loom large in one form or another, as can the contents of the unconscious. It is that which gives Full Moons (Sun opposition Moon) some of their trippy character. The key to dealing with them is intention. The choice you consciously make in the moment.

Squaring both ends of the Full Moon formation is Jupiter, and while Jupiter may give this Full Moon a restless quality, and expand the potential for drama (in Leo), it gives this Full Moon a lightened quality also, even if not an entirely relaxed one. Jupiter is aided in that by Uranus, planet of the individual, unconventional and unexpected, which also forms an inconjunct with the Sun, so Uranus is the wild card in the Full Moon in general. The inconjunct makes a relationship between Sun and Uranus, which can be a quite brilliant, original and liberating combination, but here has no conventional outlet, even though it is most definitely there. But that is kinda par for the course for Uranus – “no expected outlet” is pretty much “whatever” for Uranus-Sun. Be yourself and you, and it, will create a way.

Neptune, the planet of imagination, inspiration, mass feeling, mysticism and delusion, is kindly aspecting everything in a sweep from Mercury through to the Sun, so there is a refined and imaginative quality in the air, and the substrate of compassion, which is no bad thing. Good for artistic endeavours, good for empathy, but also good for just getting stoned. With the serious tinge that Saturn brings to the Venus-Sun conjunction though, it is a good idea to keep things quite sober, and go for the “higher”, more artistic or altruistic expressions. Chiron also is closely trine the Sun from Pisces, so again, a little caution, re opening old wounds or insecurities. You don’t have to do it. Chiron is the long haul to wholeness, but once you stop re-wounding, you are really learning about self-healing.

Now dear old Mars has moved into Capricorn, and Capricorn’s gravity and discipline are quite becoming when viewed on Mars’ frame. Mars can master itself in Capricorn, and that is a deeply attractive quality. But not only is Mars there, he is conjoined with Pluto. That is a tremendous combination, as it goes so deep. It indicates an enormous capacity to transmute energy and desire, but whether transmuted or not, there is a fuck of a lot of it, and it can rumble and shake, especially with the square from Uranus coming in. Wow, that is some loaded and primed stuff. Use it wisely and consciously, pleasurably and responsibly, but it must be used.

Mars-Pluto here fits very nicely with the Full Moon, and is especially kind to the Moon, which it trines. Taurus to Capricorn, Earth to Earth, it works nicely. Capricorn is the cardinal component, so I would expect Mars-Pluto to be the more active element, but this sure livens up that rather pastoral Moon, and if the challenges of transforming energy and desire can be met, it could mediate between the two ends of the Sun-Moon opposition, and allow some real consciousness to enter into what would otherwise be a rather projected, externally played out situationMars-Pluto also sextiles Sun-Venus at the other end, so a bit of conscious positive intention is just needed there. Of course there are hazards, but there is potential there too, and with Mars-Pluto, the potential runs deep.

So while the Full Moon is what is most obviously happening, slung across the Scorpio-Taurus axis, with the Sun accompanied by Venus and Saturn, the stars in the wings are Jupiter, lightening this Full Moon and pushing it out a bit, and Mars-Pluto, who could invite us to mine deeper for the big pay off in terms of transmuted energy, desire, pleasure and joy.

Have conscious intention.

Bon voyage.

Schlosspark Nymphenburg, Statue im Gartenparterre, Pluto von Dominik Auliczek - by Rufus46 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Schlosspark Nymphenburg, Statue im Gartenparterre, Pluto von Dominik Auliczek – by Rufus46 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons – digitally solarized


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