barefoot Reiki?

Wolves and Roses

My view of Reiki is that it is a very beneficial practice which could be of great help to many people. Most Reiki people that I have talked to feel the same way. I don’t think I’ve ever read or listened to a Reiki person who didn’t think that Reiki was a blessing for the world. If people did nothing with Reiki but self healing and assisting themselves in being peaceful and mindful, it would still be a great gift.

But it’s a gift which in the West has almost always had a price attached to it, a financial price, and sometimes a hefty one. And the question which always presented itself to me was: “if Reiki is so needed by the world, why is it generally transmitted for money, when money inevitably limits the practice to those who can afford it?”

We used to be told that the monetary…

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