childhood can begin again

This is my second attempt to write about the last week or so. The first attempt was too much “business as it used to be”.

We’ve had a Saturn-Sun conjunction is Scorpio (just as we did last year), but this time we also had a Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Those that know some astrology might see from that a resonance, for Saturn rules Capricorn (where Mars and Pluto are), and Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio (where Saturn is, accompanied by the Sun at the moment). That’s called “mutual reception” in astrology, and it’s rather like sympathetically tuned strings vibrating with each other. There is a hum or drone in the background, like a low hurdy gurdy, or the deep end of a harmonium. How that affects you depends on where your planets were at the time of your birth, according to astrological theory, and here it was affecting mid cardinal signs, and late fixed signs especially.

For me it was a trial and a purging, and psychologically very stressful, hitting as it did my Venus in Cancer (my chart ruler) down near the bottom of the chart.

The Sun and Saturn have a quite wondrous relationship, seeming so opposite, yet so intimately related. Mars and Pluto both deal in the raw of life and energy.

Astrology deals with the meaning of events and characteristics for us, not the events themselves (this is one  reason why it is fruitless to try and correlate specific aspects with specific events or characteristics too dogmatically, for meaning and context alter, while aspects repeat). I experienced quite an array of astonishing (I use that word euphemistically) and deeply undermining things this last week, and came through them released, delivered, and psychologically reborn in terms of what I had just been through.

Maybe it is because my Venus in Cancer, so near the 4th house cusp, was involved; secluded, sensitive, and quite Alice in Wonderland, and maybe it is the involvement of the Sun (the eternal child consciousness) in the whole configuration, but what I come to now is a sense that childhood can begin again. Washed clean, the child can emerge anew, but this time with a new story, our original story. And whatever happened in the past, through a kind of rebirthing, a new child and a new world come into being. And that child is so important to all of us.

photo of card from The Enchanted Tarot by Giacinto Gaudenzi

photo of card from The Enchanted Tarot by Giacinto Gaudenzi


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