sunny morning

An interesting morning, listening to Nico on YouTube with brilliant sunlight pouring in low through the living room windows, as it does in Winter here (when the weather is fine). It was Nico’s first album, which I know she didn’t like, but the combination of writers such as Tim Hardin and Jackson Browne, with Nico’s delivery, made it sound like a haunting, Germanic Nick Drake album. I liked Nico, she was one of the heroes of my teens and early twenties, and she transferred effortlessly to the punk and post-punk European scene. She could have been Joy Division’s godmother. She died in 1988 after having a heart attack in Ibiza while riding her bicycle. It was Jim Morrison who encouraged her to write her own material.

Nico’s grave – photo by Albertyanks – Albert Jankowski (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I have a belly tattoo which is healing at the moment too. It was done by Vik B who I thoroughly recommend, as I enjoy working with an artist to bring about something that neither of you would do alone. Below is the original sketch I did for the tattoo.


It looks different to this, though the essential elements are there, and it seems to tell its own story. Getting tattoos is fascinating, because you have to let go in order to allow a tattoo to emerge, unless you are going along with a “just do this please” piece, which has its place, but working with an artist is quite different, and can give you more.

There’s a blue sky with white clouds today, and sunlight reflects on the houses opposite, from the windows in the block, almost watery, and oddly summery. I’m ok for a pretend Summer. That does quite nicely on this Saturday afternoon.


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