December’s weather

Just a little astrological musing here. December holds a few shifts and changes it seems.

There have been weeks of a certain kind of heaviness (at least that I found) with Mars and Pluto both being in Capricorn, while Saturn has been in Scorpio, putting the two camps in mutual reception. Mars is a hard worker in Capricorn, but with the resonance of Saturn added, that is accentuated, and with Pluto joining its Scorpio co-ruler in Saturn’s own sign, well it makes it feel pretty subterranean.

Everything that has been happening for a number of years now has also had the square between Uranus and Pluto as a backdrop. You can forget it, but if you listen you can hear the constant, distant grating, and if you could refresh your palate, you’d taste something metallic, disconcerting, sulphurous in the air. Thankfully we can forget stuff! But Uranus has been going backwards for a while now also (since July), and retrogrades are not negative things, they tend to internalize the influence of the planet, but we’ve had a situation where Uranus is going through its yearly retrograde, while both Pluto and Mars are in mutual reception with Saturn, while Uranus and Pluto are square anyway, and Saturn has an “interesting” relationship with Uranus most of the time, Saturn being limitation and structure, Uranus being what breaks through limitations and totally short circuits apparent necessity.

In December things start to change a bit.

4th December 2014 – Mars goes into Aquarius, which puts it in mutual reception with Uranus in Aries. That is a bit of a switch of colouring and allegiance for our prime planet of energy. Was hanging around with Pluto, in mutual reception with Saturn, will be out on its own, in mutual reception with Uranus. Out with the blacks and greys and deep maroons, in with electric blues and greens, and bright vermilions.

22nd December 2014 – Sun goes into Capricorn at the Solstice (actually late on 21st December), and Uranus turns direct! What that rolls back, I don’t know, but with the accompaniment from Mars, the energy is surging again.

23rd December 2014 – Saturn leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius. It will pop back in again during 2015 (as it does at a sign change generally), but going into Sagittarius, it leaves behind the mutual reception with Pluto, and that feels like a bit of  a relief.

With this Uranus-Pluto square we don’t get away from the relationship between the two, and it’s one of those combinations that seem morally compelling; it did at the conjunction, and it does at the square also. I think we are often surprised to find that the sense of moral compulsion is as much projection as it is anything to be righteous about, but then there wouldn’t be that kind of sense of moral compulsion without such psychological processes. How often do the villains and the heroes, not to mention their battle standards, turn out to be not what we thought?

With powers as absolute as Uranus and Pluto (and Neptune), it is easier to consider them as separate and discrete (like “us”), even irreconcilable, rather than the signs of a Oneness, cast like light through a triangular prism.

December sees our dream dappled with a shifting light.

Photo of glass prism by Kali David Heffernan (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

2nd – 23rd December 2014: I corrected some of the astrological timing details in this post.


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