how magick can soothe the savage breast

There are many reasons for people to feel angry or depressed about the state of the world. I mean really, bleakly angry. So angry that is becomes misanthropically isolating and hopeless. Because there are a lot of things to this world, in terms of beauty, wonder and mystery. But justice isn’t one of them. Justice is something we make up as we go along, then lie about to cover up the fuck awful hypocrisy that ensues. Can you tell where I am in all this?

Never really gone along with that “it all makes moral sense ultimately” stuff. Aesthetic sense, maybe. Amoral fuckfest sense, maybe. Ultimate Zen trickster joke sense, maybe. Jail time sense even! Maybe. But not a moral sense, in the way that we understand that kind of thing*. That works as a story if you are protected and privileged to have someone fight for you and put an extra value on your life, which is exactly what children need obviously, but pretending it is so in adulthood is I’m afraid the work of the pampered and the traumatically infantilized. That’s what I feel is both wrong and right about the New Age. It can help people in so much trouble that they need a return to childhood (honestly, from experience I appreciate that deeply), but it has more trouble helping them mature well beyond recovery. Which is why New Agers sometimes give the impression of being huge, pink, defensive Tzars, and their “angels” all seem to be harmless, soft focus “yummy mummies“, and concern with the Universe providing a free and abundant financial flow is never too far behind. It does indeed take a lot of money to look this cheap.

So what I wanted to do here is just comment on how magick makes the alternative better, because the bottom line is that magick, like Nature, doesn’t care what the world thinks of you, or what society is saying right now, nor if you are a “hero” or a “villain”, if you are socially valued or otherwise, part of “the program” or not. It was there before all of that, and it will be there when it is all gone. But it is perfectly proportionately responsive to you, in the now. So when you have realized that society’s careful, virtuous dance to maintain the façade of moral coherence is actually a sham, and the Universe actually doesn’t think in those terms anyway, well there is still you, there is still Nature, there is still magick. And magick really doesn’t mind, and it teaches us not to also.

And that’s why magick can soothe the savage breast.

As the old Microsoft advert used to say: where do you want to go today?

Wood Engraving 18 by Derek Smootz (Scan from Compendium Maleficarum) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

* The ultimate sense of “The Good” is I think rather beyond our usual sense of applied morality.


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