spirit paths

Yesterday was Solstice, and the Sun went into Capricorn. Now we wait for the Sun to start growing stronger again (in the North, and the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere), which it will do by about 25th December, the old celebration of Sol Invictus as well as Christmas. Today Uranus goes direct, which means that it is no longer appearing to go backwards in the sky, though it will take a little while to get going.

I did say previously that I have had an increasing sense of “spirit” this year, the influence and presence of the unconditioned, and that continues. I also associate that sense of spirit with healing (in the holistic sense), surrender, the truer realization of being, the nature of consciousness in itself. And unsurprisingly, I associate it with a functional and operative spirituality.

The last four years or so were ones which brought hardships, hurts, battles, as well as challenges and real successes. But I had rather lost my faith in “the Universe” (for want of a better term), in any sense of justice or karma etc. I would still be very circumspect about anthropomorphizing any kind of “justice” out there, but nevertheless, some sense of faith is returning (and I don’t mean faith in our gods, as the experience of them has never diminished, if I was paying attention), something broad and deep and unconditional. Even our family seems to be coming together again, on a new basis.

I had felt very far from the heyday of free spiritual experience which sustained me in the years before I really had much of a life. I was also aware that I just had to get some things nailed down in order to protect my loved ones, and that does take a certain amount of “unfree consciousness”, even if I will never regret that.

Now though, as I am approaching my second Saturn return, with Saturn about to go into Sagittarius, I am finding a sense of the same unconditional answer, of relief, of something being over, in the good sense, like when you realize that the nightmare was actually just a dream, but without denying whatever you went through, and what you learnt from it. I can remember and recognize now, that my life has had a “spirit path”. Without that path, so much of my past life makes no sense, and indeed the world makes little sense. With it, there is such a greater capacity for ease, choice, letting go, and responding helpfully or creatively. It’s as if you breathe out, and find a freer sense of meaning is already there, beyond conventions or expectations. Spirituality is indeed not just our great adventure, but our great game, our play, our craft, our art of love making.

Let the healing flow on, out, back, like water.

“Sâdhu sur une rive du Gange à Varanasi en Inde” by Voyage Way (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons


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