2014 blog review

It’s a blue skied, frosty morning here in London, and it’s time for the end of year blog review!

This year has seen visits to Summer Thunder continue to grow steadily, and my followers double in numbers – so a big thank you to all who have showed an interest in the blog. I do appreciate it.

From general observation I’d say that re-doing the front page as a subject guide has helped people to find a better range of past posts when they came looking.

My busiest day was 10th March, and the post getting the hits that day was oath breakers and spirit singers, which was indeed the stand out post for public interest this year (more on that below), and was also the most commented upon.

Most popular posts:

oath breakers and spirit singers – on the subject of “warlocks” and why I thought it a good and liberating term for male witches. I’m very glad this got an audience, for which I must in large part thank Storm Faerywolf.

my first occult bookshop – was teenage recollections of The Equinox bookshop in Kensington, which was owned by Jimmy Page (I got a lot of visits from a Led Zeppelin message board here). It’s simply how I remembered it in the far off, leafy, heat hazy days of 1975.

an artist and a phenomenon – about the genius behind the “Rider-Waite” (Smith-Waite) tarot deck, Pamela Coleman Smith; I’m glad people are interested in her.

the engineer in the basement, and other tales – was an astrological post about the Mars-Saturn combination in Scorpio that we have just recently left behind. I did quite a few astrological posts this year, and I’m glad some people found them enjoyable or useful.

pomegranate seeds –  a post from 2013 about the sign of Virgo and the myth of Proserpina.

Most of my visitors came from the USA and UK, followed by Australia and Canada, then Germany and France.

As for what people searched for to find the blog:

tammo de jongh” was top, which I’m glad of.

“pomegranate” was second!

“z budapest transphobia” was third. Happily the posts I did about her in past years have faded from the radar (at last!), but the association, and the awareness of transphobia, seems to have persisted. I am glad of the latter.

“sacred sodomy” came fourth, quite possibly due to this post. Which is awesome. Along with the “warlock” thing, the place of non-procreative sexuality is something I’d like to see honoured, and given the central place in sexuality. It’s time we as a species aimed at something other than reproduction when we link the sacred and sexuality.

“emptying the round pond in kensington gardens” came fifth, attracted in this case by more of my reminiscences of the 1970s. Maybe other people remember that time, or just have an interest in the history of Kensington Gardens?

And that’s it for 2014! Thank you to all my visitors, readers and followers, and especially to those who have contacted me about subjects they had an interest in. Summer Thunder is one of my means of expression and “meditating out loud”, but it is also an open letter, and while the recipient is always unknown at the time of writing, the one who picks up the bottle on the beach is who the message inside may be for.

If it helps, keeps company, or entertains a single soul, then the job is done.

Happy 2015!

Sydney Harbour prior to the 2008 new years eve fireworks – by Leon Wilson from Sydney, Australia [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons


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