a titan’s coniunctio, and roses not lost

Such an amazingly dark time of year in Northern Europe, just after New Year. Before the Solstice it seems positively cosy by comparison, but after, it can be quite dreadful. The darkest time heading for the coldest time, under Saturn’s rule. Well if Saturn rules this mid-winter coniunctio (opposite the union of the Sun and Moon in Summer) there must be something to it. Maybe we just have to be strong to withstand forces so important to our individuality (for nothing is more individual than the co-ruler of coming Aquarius, Uranus).

I sometimes wonder if anybody really has that rosy life of a world that they fit into. The stories all suggest that, and I think we all dream of that nurturing, life affirming world of belonging at one time or another – but is it only a minority that find themselves excluded and in need of remaking the world, their world, to be able to live as who they are? I can’t think that is so, because individuality is a freak’s curse and gift, and surely we are all individuals?

How very hard it is to live that though, how depleting and at times seemingly hazardous, when what we all crave inside is healing and safety and protection. But nothing is ever as it first quite appears. The healing safety can end up harmful, and the individual, risky quest turn out to be the only reasonable course. At the end there is a oneness in it all, and our separateness cannot be denied union, even if we cannot live in denial of unique separateness. It is, after, relationship.

After all, we know nothing really, but that we have to live, and that we love.

Studies by Michelangelo Buonarroti [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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