negatory royalty

We are in the Sun sign of Aquarius again – brightening and cold in the Northern Hemisphere, plateauing in high Summer’s heat in the South. We went out shopping earlier and it certainly felt more frozen than the thermometer says it is.

I’ve written about Aquarius before, as part of the scheme of the “wheel of the year“. If you know me then it’ll be no surprise to you that I don’t have much time for the standard format of cyclical, reproductive repetition, as propagated by some others who share the designation of “Pagan”. But there is a cycle obviously.

For me, there are two “centres” to that cycle, in the heart of Summer and the heart of Winter. It’s quite easy to see in the heart of Summer, where we get Cancer and Leo, signs ruled by the Moon and Sun. It looks like it rules the familiar motif of a “sacred marriage”. It looks archetypal in a way which is familiar to anybody that has perused popular works on transpersonal psychology.

But on the other side of the year there is another centre, in the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Here it is not Sun and Moon, but Saturn and Saturn (or Saturn and Saturn and Uranus in more modern terms). There does not appear to be any formal motif of sacred marriage here, no luminous “king” and “queen”. It might appear more obscure, but I believe it is key. Between Capricorn and Aquarius we get the means to bear and ignite selfhood, and go beyond (and indeed against) Nature. So with this we actually get something to go forward with. Not cyclical, reproductive repetition.

If I were to be asked what it is that makes life worthwhile, I would have to answer that it is love. As always for me. But there needs to be selves that love and are loved. Think about it. Without the negatory, creative, imaginative capacity, what is there? No art, no science, no occultism, no conceptual meta-levels of language, in fact what language at all?

Of course this is also of Nature, as we all are, and as is the gull that goes against Nature by flying a shellfish up into the air, in its beak, to drop it to the ground in order to smash it open.

But without this playful, instinctual heresy, what is there?

The unfolding of a divine plan? The intervention of the angels? That all seems a little pedestrian and suburban, compared with creative response to the appalling predicament of being born into separate consciousness, in this astonishing meat instrument, so close to frogs, and butterflies and baboons (count off the beads on the DNA rosary), where something as simple as a naturally occurring substance like DMT can catapult a “person” somewhere utterly different.

Maybe when we go on to Summer, we can then do something different with it.

And not to forget that if there were any astrological sign associated with science it would be Aquarius. For all our ever so religious sounding exhortations to each other, to change our world to make it more reasonable, or kind, or sustainable, or ethical, I think it is worth remembering that if anything is going to do it, it is probably going to be people doing science. Maybe also, not in spite of science lacking inherent morality, but because science is not conventionally moral. In that respect at least, where we most clearly negate Nature, we are like Nature.

Otherwise we would never let ourselves see, recognize or transmit a truth that was ahead (or outside) of our cultural environment.

Where would you like to go?

The 64m Parkes Radio Telescope. Photo credit: Robert Kerton – CSIRO [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

23rd January 2015: very minor edits done.



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