Libra Lunar Eclipse

Our next Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, though we won’t get to see it in the UK.

Eclipses are wonderful things – they are natural but seem otherwise; they are regular but seem exceptional. Nature imitating Art – who wouldn’t love em? This one follows the solar eclipse of just over a week ago, which we found very peaceful.

Below is the chart for the eclipse:

Libra Full Moon simple

lunar eclipse 4th April 2015

You’ll see the Sun is near the South Node, conjunct Uranus and Mercury in Aries. A lot of high, freaky, individualistic energy there, a “see, be and think differently” vibe. At the South Node this isn’t so much saying “how do you get this stuff?” (at the South Node, it’s already there in abundance), but “what do you do with it wisely?”. In terms of “what do eclipses mean?”, astrologically they are related to the Nodes, by astronomical definition.

The Moon meanwhile is eclipsed in Libra, near the North Node. This is what we need to develop here, and part of how we use that freak energy at the South Node. This is awesome diplomacy, and the capacity to mediate, balance and maintain relationships in a way which is both skillful and beneficial. The challenge is that it seems like such a compromise compared to the blazing, spontaneous selfhood of Sun-Uranus in Aries. The Moon’s genius does seem a  bit eclipsed here, but it is needed, otherwise the glamour puss of The Sun will get nowhere near as far, and however swash buckling Aries gets, you still need a cast to make a film. I will have to see what the lunar eclipse actually feels like.

Now the catch here, which rather locks in the eclipse pattern, is a close square to both ends of the Sun-Moon opposition from Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto has this way of blocking things and throttling them in a way which makes them compulsive and all a bit desperate, but it’s actually just bringing out the blocks so they can be got rid of. Then it becomes a phenomenal, life giving renewal. Pluto ups the stakes (he is the lord of both the underworld, and massive wealth). An easy going pattern? Not quite. But the advice is pretty clear. Let go. It might be counter every fibre of your being and instincts, but that’s what really lubricates things here. This might well be a time when, if some things seem to be dying, it is so that another part of us can really live.

What really eases this pattern is dear old Jupiter in Leo, retrograde at the moment, sending soothing trines all over the place. A good antidote to all that grating and grinding of Uranus and Pluto. Being retrograde, his vision seems more reflective here, but there is still a warmth and grandeur to his reveries. Furthermore, he is aided by cautious, sceptical Saturn in Sagittarius, who with Jupiter forms a multiple grand trine with the Sun complex in Aries*. This is easy adjustment of the expansion and contraction of vision, practicality, originality and realism. And with just a little more work, Jupiter extends his benevolent influence to the eclipsed Moon, drawing breath from that Libran air, and breathing back the virtue of warmth and some needed confidence. Part of what this pattern says, between the Sun and Moon, is that fire needs some air, if it is to last, and not just extinguish itself in unrestrained combustion.

Where we have a little trouble gear crunching here is with the relating planets of Venus and Mars. Venus in Taurus is very well placed, quite happy in its own, pleasantly physical sign, and a trine to Pluto doesn’t hurt either. You could really go a bundle on expensive enjoyments there, but you probably shouldn’t, as Pluto and Jupiter are quincunx (which tend to take an experienced hand to finesse rather than misread), while Venus is square Jupiter. Jupiter will still expand Venus’ influence, but not in a very practical and sustainable way. It could be too expensive, it could be just attracting the wrong kind of alluring people or objects. Good thing that Saturn is there to balance out Jupiter a bit. “I just have to have” say Jupiter-Venus. “And the price is” says Jupiter-Saturn.

Mars, our planet of drive and motive power is also not in optimal form here. Also in Taurus (I have this natally), Mars in here something of a lazy sensualist, though he is nothing if not persistent, and on for the long haul. Square Jupiter (again), that is a mighty big hunger, but it’s more like the road to the well stocked fridge, or the porn store, than the road to great exploits. Hey, it has its  virtues. Mars is quincunx Saturn here, so an all too easy mismatch of desire and practicality, while the sextile to Neptune could be quite nice with some application, imaginative and subtle, but is quite likely to be channelled into escapism and fantasy. The DVD remote may be at a premium. The bigger problem here is that Neptune is also square Saturn, which can be open to too much negativity, too sensitive to a toxic atmosphere if present. Mars doesn’t have a lot of options here, so it may just be time for a rest and a pampering, but don’t overdue the pleasures.

So overall:

Relax, let go, and focus on ease and balance of relationship. Not a time to push, and not a time to spend. There’s plenty going on that is deep enough, without you working at it. Just let go, relax, and look after yourself. Appreciate your own personal dreams, and that you have the good sense to be able to bring them about responsibly. A lot of stuff is changing right now, and some things are passing away so that other parts of us can live. It will look different in a few months. Just let it do what it does right now. Be a graceful little king or queen of your realm.

Through the looking glass and what Alice found there 1902 by Peter Newell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

* The trine between Jupiter and Saturn is just 3 minutes beyond of the normal orb of 8 degrees, but they both mutually trine the Sun and Mercury, and it’s only just off, so I’m willing to go along with’s discretionary awarding of a trine between the two here. [This added 29th March 2015]


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